The worlds of The Conjuring and Aquaman in the DCEU have finally collided, thanks to a blink and you miss it cameo in Arthur Curry's movie - did YOU spot Annabelle in her watery grave?

Even with James Wan behind both The Conjuring and Aquaman, the idea of the Annabelle spinoff movie being the true link between the two franchises seemed impossible. So when reports arrived claiming the Annabelle doll makes a cameo in Aquaman., some may have found it hard to believe. But having seen the film for ourselves, we can confirm that horrifying grin is on screen for fans to spot. But you're going to need our help to find it, since it only appears for a few seconds when it's least expected.

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To spot the Easter Egg and merge one horror movie franchise with that if the DCEU yourself, you'll need to keep your eyes peeled for the scene in which Arthur finally agrees to travel to Atlantis with Mera. Even for Aquaman, the journey is a long one, which means they must first dig Mera's aquatic vehicle out of the shipping container used to stash it. Proving the points made by King Orm about the surface world's disrespect for the sea, the ship and the container are surrounded by garbage. And amidst the underwater trash lies one discarded item that actually belongs at the bottom of the ocean.

Don't worry about looking for the titular Annabelle doll floating past Arthur when he and Mera are still exchanging dialogue about his hygiene. Once Arthur's sniff ends the scene, a longer shot begins, sweeping along the garbage-covered seabed towards Mera's departing vehicle. Focus on the approaching debris on the left side of the screen, and you should be able to pick out the silhouette of Annabelle, partially rising from the sea floor to the left side of the center of the screen. She speeds by quick, but before she does, resolves into her unmistakable color scheme and grinning face.

It's a fun Easter Egg from the visual effects teams in tribute to their director, but it will raise some entertaining questions for fans. The most important one being the events that led this terrible, haunted, maniacal doll to end up tossed into the ocean. And, dare we say it, how much time will Atlantis have before she brings her demonic terror to the underwater city? Maybe King Arthur's first threat as monarch won't be as easy to face as the Trench.

But if that's the case, we know a certain team of paranormal investigators who will be up to the task. And as a bonus, one of them will seem like someone Arthur has know for years.

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