Should you sit through the credits of Aquaman hoping for one last after-credits tease? The latest DCEU outing is coming out at a time when the future of franchise is in flux. 2017's Justice League underwhelmed after a set of installments plagued by filming issues and a consistently mixed response from theatre-goers and critics alike, with Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman being the only unequivocal success thus far. Fans are looking to the James Wan-directed Aquaman to see where it takes the universe, and what it sets up for the future.

In terms of references to previous chapters in the DCEU, there's very little aside from a single offhand remark mentioning Steppenwolf and Aquaman's role in seeing off the cosmic threat. But as much was to be expected, as Arthur Curry's world exists in the ocean depths, with the seven kingdoms of Atlantis, removed from land-faring toils of man. This is an adventure primarily concerned with Atlantean politics, presenting a situation only Curry himself can resolve.

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In that vein of keeping to itself, Aquaman has one post-credits scene; a mid-credits tease that only features characters from the film. This footage comes relatively quickly after the end, too, so you won't be waiting long to see what future movies and stories are being hinted. There is nothing at the very end of Aquaman's credits.

UPDATE: Read our explainer for Aquaman's after-credits scene here!

In terms of content, we won't spoil Aquaman's post-credits scene, but as mentioned, the context is entirely within the world established in the movie. There are no other DCEU characters, well-established or otherwise, mentioned or introduced. This isn't a continuation of the Legion of Doom setup from the after-credits scene of Justice League either, wherein Deathstroke and Lex Luthor came face-to-face on the proposition of putting together a team.

That doesn't mean what's shown in the post-credits stinger won't have wider ramifications in Aquaman 2 or beyond. The sequence opens up possibilities for ways the kingdoms of Atlantis and us surface-dwellers could find themselves at odds, creating ever more complex and troubling scenarios for Arthur, Mera and their most trusted circle to navigate. Decisions made by King Orm, the central antagonist of Aquaman, have the potential to ring out through the franchise for multiple films to come.

Thankfully, prospects are strong that we'll get to see these things shake out, too. Aquaman has already made over $100 million in China, and is currently projected to reel in a $100 million opening weekend in US theaters, easily making its money back in worldwide takings over the holiday period. Unsurprisingly, an Aquaman sequel already reportedly in discussion: director James Wan is one of Warner Bros.' most trusted filmmakers, having made success after success for the studio, and here he seems to have produced yet another hit for them; Jason Momoa has one more film in his current contract, so he's sticking around regardless, but some high box office numbers will certainly help everyone involved.

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Aquaman may not be picking up hanging threads in the DCEU, but between it and the upcoming Shazam and Wonder Woman 1984, the soft reboot the DCEU needed is in full swing.

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