Ubisoft has always ensured that the Assassin's Creed franchise gets the attention it deserves, considering it's such a major part of their studio. While the series was far from directionless, the recent showcase reveal has signposted exactly what changes will be happening in the upcoming years.

Those changes might come in the form of new worlds that are being explored via original releases. They might manifest in different licensing deals. They could even be showcased via a screen adaptation! No matter which direction Ubisoft decides to take the saga in, fans are in for a lot of great content.

Netflix Mobile Game

One of the biggest changes coming to the world of Assassin's Creed concerns a new partnership with Netflix. While there's a lot more to the deal on the streaming side of things, it was announced that Netflix's gaming division will have the license for the Ubisoft franchise.

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Netflix is currently working on a mobile and digital game set within the Assassin's Creed universe. That's a major shift in the way Ubisoft creates its content, as it's rare that it hands over its characters to another major brand. No one knows how these Netflix titles will look considering the streaming service is new to the video game world.

New Distribution Method

The Netflix news isn't the only sign of changes within the distribution of future adventures. Indeed, Ubisoft is also working on yet another mobile game, which will be touched upon later. And then, there's the creation of Assassin's Creed Infinity.

While there is plenty more to say on the hub that is sure to revolutionize the franchise as fans know it, one of the major changes is that the Infinity platform will be used to distribute all future Assassin's Creed games, alongside their traditional disc and digital download methods. Everything will be in one place.

The Importance Of DLC

Assassin's Creed hasn't always utilized DLC to continue telling its stories. Some of the earlier adventures simply continued via sequels, rather than additional content. However, fans are now aware that the latest change will see further DLC added to future games which will definitely have some hot takes.

The importance of this DLC can't be underestimated, as is the case for Valhalla. The next DLC to release will be for the Viking-influenced title, and it is being named the last chapter of the story, suggesting that the role of these additional narratives will become even more important in Ubisoft's future. They are no longer optional extras but necessary and free, aspects of the overall tale.

Jade's Global Appeal

As previously mentioned, Netflix won't be the only studio getting in on the assassin action. The upcoming project titled Jade also demonstrates a change in Ubisoft's model, stepping once again into the mobile realms and teaming up with a completely different company.

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Essentially this change focuses on the fact that Ubisoft is looking to expand its global appeal. Jade will be made in conjunction with the Chinese company Tencent, which will help to distribute the title which is actually set within ancient China itself. How the game will look is still a mystery considering the potential setbacks of using this different software.

Mirage Takes It Back To The Roots

The Assassin's Creed franchise in general is a far cry from what audiences first experienced from the initial title. While it's all set within the same universe, the way these games actually play can be majorly contrasted. The saga started as a stealth title and has blossomed into a huge array of open-world and fantastical combat-based narratives.

Some players are looking to go back to their roots and Ubisoft is bringing in changes to ensure that's what happens. Audiences thus already know that the title known as Miragewill be heading back to the old days with its gameplay mechanics while acting as a prequel for the life of Valhalla's Basim.

Hexe Demonstrates Narrative Risks

Assassin's Creed has been very location based in its storytelling. Ubisoft appears to choose a time period and a setting and work from there, whether that's the ancient Egyptians, Romans, Norse, or perhaps even pirates. But Hexe demonstrates the company might be changing its method slightly.

It looks as if it's going to be taking more narrative risks with future stories, playing further into the mythological elements that were once quite faint. While it might be set in Germany in the 1600s, it's clear the theming involves the witch trials at the time and thus will surely play into the supernatural, which feels like an even bigger departure. Assassin's Creed could be crossing genres into the horror realms.

Red's Shift To Samurai

It's easy to suggest that fans have always wanted a samurai game set within the Assassin's Creed series. The genre would work so well with the narrative twists and gameplay elements that have already been established through the saga. Red finally delivers on those hopes.

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The game is set in Japan during the era of the samurai, with the title surely promising a brand-new style of play for fans to get stuck into. The change in genre and setting will likely be just the start, especially as the studio continues to try and appeal to the Asian market.

Netflix Show

Audiences are very familiar with the initial Assassin's Creed movie adaptation which left plenty of players disappointed. It was a failure by all accounts, and it seemed that outside of video games, the universe would live on via the page, within books and graphic novels.

That's all set to change as part of the Netflix deal though, which sees the streaming service working on at least one episodic series, with anime and animation-based offshoots on the way. Much like The Witcher, there are sure to be further expansions and spinoffs if the original incarnation is a success, marking a new era for Assassin's Creed on screen.

Creation Of Infinity

It's already been touched upon, but Assassin's Creed Infinity is a major game-changer for the saga moving forward. The method of distribution might be revolutionary, but the very concept of having a central hub, bringing this shared universe together, is groundbreaking.

What that means is that, very excitingly, the older games will all be brought into one place as well. The cross-platform concept is sure to make plenty of players happy, especially since there are sure to be graphical and gameplay upgrades thanks to these next-gen updates. It's about time Ubisoft fully took stock of the series' past.

Experimental Gaming Feature

Perhaps the most exciting change, that's being demonstrated via Ubisoft's mobile titles and through the creation of Infinity itself, is that the studio is getting experimental with its features. The hub especially promises plenty of new ways to play in this universe.

Online adventures, smaller missions, and other unusual gameplay methods are sure to surface, as Ubisoft has the opportunity to step into each genre and see how the general franchise model copes with the changes. For fans that love variety, the biggest change is that there will be more storytelling options than ever.

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