More art for Avengers 4 has found its way online, giving up new character details ahead of the secretive MCU culmination. Officially, there's not been much concrete information about next year's untitled Avengers sequel, with Marvel letting Avengers: Infinity War's cliffhanger ending do most of the talking. However, that doesn't mean some info hasn't made it out,

From set photos, we were able to deduce that Avengers 4 will be dealing with time travel, and art shown at CineEurope gave a first look at the heroes of the film - the OG Avengers plus snap-survivors Ant-Man, Rocket, Nebula and Captain Marvel - and their redesign. Hawkeye is looking Ronin, Captain America has lost his beard, Hulk's got some clothes and War Machine has quite the upgrade. Now we have a better look at some of those assets.

Avengers 4 art - described as marketing materials - has found its way online. While most of the designs are just isolated character models from that CineEurope, they are of a considerably higher quality and thus contain new reveals or otherwise confirm previous assumptions. For example, it's much easier to see that Thanos has all the Infinity Stones, further pushing towards the film's method of time travel being the Quantum Realm not the Time Stone. But there's more than just that. Here's everything new we've learned.

What Captain Marvel's Power Blasts Look Like

The centerpiece of the art has to be Captain Marvel. Previously, we've only really got a taste of what Brie Larson's Carol Danvers will look like in concept art at SDCC and set photos that revealed only a green, proto-costume. That's all change now: there's a lot of assets for Captain Marvel in this latest leak, giving our best peek at the costumed hero. In terms of the suit, it's mostly as the slew of fanart had imagined, but there's one totally new aspect.

Captain Marvel is going to be the most powerful hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, and a key part of that is her energy manipulation. Much of the art puts focus on her energy blasts, showing that while they are orbs of orange light as seen in the CineEurope image, they have a more concentrated middle and a strong sparkling effect. This sort of power isn't exactly a new visual in the MCU - Iron Man's repulsors fit a similar manner - so it makes sense to go for a more unique styling.

War Machine Has Multiple Boosters

While Iron Man has had dozens of upgrades over the past ten years - it was frankly surprising Tony Stark had only one iteration of the Bleeding Edge armor in Avengers: Infinity War - War Machine has been a little behind. Each new movie has brought a slight tweak, but nothing of the breadth or development of his best buddy (in Iron Man 3 it was basically a reskin for Iron Patriot). In Avengers 4, however, Rhodey is catching up.

The CineEurope art already teased a Bleeding Edge upgrade for War Machine, so that's not exactly new. In isolation, however, some of the finer details can be made out. He's got three sets of repulsors - in his feet, behind his calves, and on his lower back - and some seriously beefed side-arms.

Hulk's Full-Body Armor

Probably the biggest talking point about Avengers 4 is Hulk. Not only has the art confirmed that Bruce Banner will finally get the Green Goliath to come out and play after he refused to transform in Avengers: Infinity War, but he'll have a different look. The CineEurope Avengers 4 art revealed Hulk wearing some form of costume, sparking speculation that the film would see Banner's two minds merge to create something close to Professor Hulk.

We're still a way off confirmation of that either way, but the new Avengers 4 designs do at least give us a better look at what Hulk's wearing. It's a proper tight-fitting, full-body suit, presumably made to stretch-to-fit (explaining the lack of shoes).

Captain Marvel Doesn't Look To Change Between Movies

We're rounding things off by going back to Captain Marvel, this time her own solo movie. Yes, the art isn't just for Avengers 4, but also Captain Marvel; there's a look at a two-eyed Nick Fury, as well as Carol Danvers in "street clothes", with a jacket barely covering up her star.

Both are neat, although what's most worth remarking on is that the costume for Captain Marvel (noted by the "CM" designation) and for Avengers 4 (the flying pose from the CineEurope image) look to be the same design. It's become standard - as already mentioned with Iron Man - for superheroes to get a new look each film for merchandising purposes, but this suggests that (as with Black Panther who also had his solo movie months before an Avengers team-up), she's going to be consistent... at least for the first two of no doubt many appearances.


None of these details reveal much about the story of Avengers 4, which Marvel is unsurprisingly keeping a tight lock on, but the subtle changes and details do begin to tease how - hopefully - the film will be a true evolution of the MCU.

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