Leaked Avengers 4 concept art has given viewers their best look yet at Captain America's redesign for the next Marvel movie. It's no surprise seeing the hero get a new costume, given every blockbuster superhero film is an opportunity to sell new merchandise. But this costume is clearly unlike anything we've seen in the MCU to date.

This time around, Captain America wears a version of his costume that's remarkably comic-book-accurate. You can even see the distinctive scales, which have previously been ignored by the MCU. It's a classic costume, one viewers had given up on seeing translated to the big screen. There's even the distinctive Avengers logo on each shoulder.

But just where did Captain America get this particular costume from? Fair disclaimer, it's believed Avengers 4 is a time-travel film of some kind, perhaps even involving the creation of alternate timelines. This costume could easily originate from one of these different realities. But it could just as easily be part of our reality. Assuming that's the case, what does it actually mean?

Steve Rogers' unkempt look in Avengers: Infinity War signified the fact he's been on the run for two years, one of the most wanted men on the planet. It looks as though that's changed; in the aftermath of Thanos' "snap", the Avengers have stepped out of the shadows. Black Widow is no longer disguising her red hair, and Steve Rogers has adopted the identity of Captain America once again. If the logo's anything to go by, the heroes are even calling themselves the Avengers once more.

The cliffhanger ending of Avengers: Infinity War saw half the life in the universe turned to ash in an instant. This will have left the Earth in chaos, with half of humanity erased - not just random people, but pilots flying aircraft, doctors treating patients, political leaders in the middle of tense negotiations. The chaos will have been indescribable. Captain America has always been a symbol first and foremost; Rogers's World War II outfit was designed as a PR stunt, and his look in The Avengers was deliberately "old-fashioned." No doubt this latest design is intended to inspire in a similar manner, hence the bright colorscheme, the deliberately creative concept with scales, and the prominence of the logos.

It's worth noting that this is just promotional art, so it's possible Steve Rogers will don a different suit. What's more, no leaked set photos have shown Chris Evans wearing this costume, so it may not be his standard getup during Avengers 4.

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