Robert Downey Jr. seems to have confirmed that Iron Man indeed survives his perilous space situation in Avengers: Endgame. Last month, the Avengers: Endgame teaser trailer released and gave audiences their first real look at the upcoming sequel to Anthony and Joe Russo's Avengers: Infinity War, which is not only meant to have the Earth's Mightiest Heroes take on the Mad Titan Thanos one more time but also conclude the Marvel Cinematic Universe's story arc that's been building since 2008.

In addition to showing some of the fans' favorite superheroes deal with the aftermath of Thanos' snap (which is officially known as the Decimation), the first Avengers: Endgame trailer also showed off Hawkeye's new Ronin identity, Ant-Man outside the Avengers compound (after somehow escaping from the Quantum Realm), and of course, Iron Man floating in space on the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship from Infinity War, the Benatar. Since the trailer only shows footage from the first 20 minutes of the movie, fans have been wondering what happens to Tony Stark.

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As it turns out, he survives. Iron Man lives to fight (Thanos) another, and that much has been confirmed by the man himself, Robert Downey Jr. On December 7 - the same day that the first Avengers 4 trailer released - Audi published a new video with Downey Jr. introducing the car manufacturer's e-tron GT concept. It's a short video that briefly has Downey Jr. reminiscing about driving the Audi R8 in Jon Favreau's original Iron Man movie, but the big news comes around the 3:40 mark when Downey Jr. confirms he drives the new concept car in this year's movie.

At the end of the video, Downey Jr. tells Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte that he needs to drive the car, to which Lichte responds, "You have driven it already!" Downey Jr. then looks into the camera and says, "Well, I mean I... as Tony Stark in Avengers 4, out in theaters in spring 2019, I did." Since Infinity War ends with Iron Man - and Nebula, for that matter - still on Titan, and then Avengers: Endgame begins with them heading off to Earth on the Benatar (but with Tony seemingly running out of sustenance), it seems that he will indeed survive and make it back home. While this is something that was obviously expected, it's nice to have confirmation.

How Iron Man is rescued, though, remains to be seen. Some of the biggest theories have suggested that either Pepper Potts, Rocket Raccoon, Ant-Man, or Captain Marvel are responsible for rescuing Tony Stark in space. While all of them are potential rescuers in their own ways, the biggest theory so far is that Captain Marvel will save Iron Man after being contacted by Nick Fury in the Avengers: Infinity War post-credits scene. But that's something fans will just have to wait and see.

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