Amazon prime has dozens of Christmas movies for your streaming pleasure, but which ones are the best? Christmas season is full of tradition, from presents and decorations and family get-togethers to movies. From timeless classics to modern Christmas rom-coms, there's lots to choose from, and Amazin Prime has a great selection.

So, this Christmas, get the family together for some cookies and hot cocoa or eggnog and settle in for one of these great uplifting holiday tales on Amazon Prime.

It's A Wonderful Life

When a down-on-his-luck George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) doesn't see the point in continuing to live his life, his guardian angel, Clarence (Henry Travers), intervenes, taking it upon himself to prove to George that he truly does have a wonderful life.

Thanks to a clerical error resulting in the movie's rights expiring in the 70s, It's a Wonderful Life's frequent TV airings made it a Christmas viewing staple for millions of households. So it's only fitting it's now available to stream for free on Amazon Prime. Its always timely and uplifting message is also fitting for the season, making it one of the greatest Christmas classics.

Holiday Inn

When Jim Hardy (Bing Crosby) decides he wants to leave show business, he opens a new "Holiday Inn" which is only open on holidays. The music and dances are themed around all different holidays, so Christmas is really only a small part of the overall movie. Despite the lack of Christmas focus, the song "White Christmas" was originally written for Holiday Inn, even if the movie White Christmas (also starring Crosby and featuring the song) is far more associated with the Christmas classic.

Miracle on 34th Street (1955)

It's not 1947 original Miracle on 34th Streetor the popular 1994 remake, but the made-for-TV version available on Amazon Prime is seen by many as a worthy contender and is at the very least a more than serviceable telling of the same story (it's actually strikingly similar to the original in most regards).

When a department store Santa Clause named Kris Kringle (Thomas Mitchell) is institutionalized for claiming to be the actual Santa, a lawyer decides to quit his job at a law firm to take his case and argue to the court that Kris is, in fact, the real Santa.

Babes in Toyland (1986)

A made-for-TV remake of the 1961 film, Lisa Piper (Drew Barrymore), was forced to grow up too fast and take care of her siblings and doesn't have time to be interested in toys. During a snowstorm, she's transported to Toyland, where she breaks up the marriage of the evil Barnaby Barnacle (Richard Mulligan) to Mary Contrary (Jill Schoelen) so she can be reunited with her true love, Jack Nimble (Keanu Reeves), and tries to stop Barnaby from taking over Toyland.

Christmas Angel

When Ashley Matthews (Kari Hawker-Diaz) takes a new job from her neighbor, Nick (Bruce Davison), he makes her promise to tell anyone that he's an anonymous Christmas do-gooder. Her work catches the attention of a writer, Will (K.C. Clyde), and as the two grow closer, and Will becomes more inquisitive, it becomes harder and harder for her to protect her promise to Nick.

Love at the Christmas Table

Sam (Dustin Milligan) and Kat (Danica McKellar) have grown up together as best friends, attending a family Christmas party where they've sat at the same children's table for 30 years. When Sam realizes he's in love with Kat, he needs to find a way to tell her, and the usual made-for-TV Christmas movie relationship shenanigans ensue.

A Christmas Tree Miracle

When David (Kevin Sizemore) loses his job, his family is taken in by a local Christmas tree farmer. Through the experience, the family comes closer together as they learn to get along, and, of course, discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Falling For Christmas

Also known as A Snow Capped Christmas, Falling for Christmas is about Claire Benson (Leah Renee), an injured figure skater who goes to a rehab facility in the mountains to recover from a recent injury in the weeks before Christmas. While there, she meets Luke (Niall Matter), a single father and hockey player who's career was ended by injury. While they initially butt heads, Luke and Claire celebrate a number of Canadian winter traditions together as they fall in love and help each other return to the ice.

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