A surprisingly complex midseason finale denied closure to Black Lightning season 2's many varied subplots. One thing that separated Black Lightning from other action-drama series in its second season was its decision to give each member of its ensemble a full storyline of their own. While this led to some heavily-loaded episodes early on, it also expanded the world of the series in surprising ways and allowed the characters to fully respond to the changes that occurred in the wake of the explosive first season finale.

The events of season 2 paradoxically seemed to drive The Pierces apart the harder they fought to stay together. The actions of the series' big-bad Tobias Whale rarely intersected directly with The Pierces, yet Tobias' every action served a thus far undefined plan that will doubtlessly bring a storm down upon his head by the season's end.

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"The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi" did little to resolve any of the series' on-going storylines. Yet it did set the stage for big things to come to come in the second half of Black Lightning season 2. What follows is a quick summation of the finale's events and where Black Lightning season 2 could go in 2019.

What Happened In The Midseason Finale?

Surprisingly, none of Black Lightning season 2's subplots were resolved by the midseason finale "The Book of Rebellion: Part Two - The Gift of the Magi." Jefferson and Anissa continued the search for Jennifer as Black Lightning and Thunder, with Peter Gambi along to assist. Lynn Stewart sought out Khalil Payne's estranged father hoping he might have some insight as to where the teens might have gone, but he was as clueless as she was. Even Tobias' Whale's screen time was centered around his recruiting an eager young doctor into his organization for unknown reasons, with no connection to anything else apart from an argument over the phone with Cutter over how she was to deliver Khalil Payne to him alive rather than killing him herself. For all the effect they had on the action of the episode and for all the episode addressed their personal subplots, most of the cast might as well not have been featured at all this week.

Still, "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi" did offer some important developments. It saw Jennifer Pierce tested as never before, using her powers to rob a hospital's electronic drug dispenser to secure what she needed to treat Khalil's wounds. She was able to evade her father and sister (who had come to the hospital to see if anyone resembling Jennifer had been brought in) but was not able to shake the assassin Cutter off of her trail. Thankfully, Jennifer proved canny enough to use her powers to taser Cutter into submission and she was smart enough to realize the assassin probably carried antidotes to her poisons. The episode concluded with a newly-healed Khalil and Jennifer affirming their love for one another, as they drove away from Freeland to parts unknown.

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What Will Happen In Black Lightning Season 2 - Part 2?

There are many storylines up in the air for Black Lightning to address when it returns in January. Ignoring the question of Tobias' plans and the fate of Khalil and Jennifer, the midseason finale also introduced a new metahuman character - a teleporter whom we see tearing his way through a bar full of rednecks. The episode ended with him taking a phone-call from someone who requested he come to Freeland for a job. While it's a safe guess that he was talking to Tobias Whale, it has been shown in the past that Peter Gambi also has connections with some shady metahumans.

Hopefully, the fate of the surviving Green Light Babies will be addressed later in Black Lightning's second season, as it was believed these teenage metahumans were going to be used as a way to kickstart a live-action Dakotaverse and perhaps a live-action Static Shock series. It is also hoped that Jefferson's job status will be re-examined soon, as some of the best parts of the first season centered around Jefferson's interactions with his students. Finally, it is hoped that Grace Choi will be better developed and that she and Anissa will have a relationship close to that of their characters in the Outsiders comics.

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