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The new Captain Marvel trailer is here, and the marketing department made sure to give it an appropriately epic soundtrack. There's just a few months to go until Carol Danvers makes her big screen debut (as of this writing), so Marvel wanted to give the character some more attention before unveiling the first wave of Avengers 4 promotion. It's no secret Danvers is going to be an integral figure in the franchise moving forward (based on the Infinity War post-credits scene, she'll turn the tide against Thanos), so it's important casual moviegoers gain familiarity with her ahead of time.

Earlier this year, Marvel started to raise awareness with a teaser and big cover story in EW, revealing the first details about the character and the mythology around her. It's long been reported Captain Marvel is a 1990s period piece, meaning there'd be opportunities for Marvel to tap into nostalgia for the trailers. They've done that through visuals (the Blockbuster store), but how about music?

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Despite the wealth of great '90s music at their disposal, Marvel opted to not use a licensed song for the latest preview. Much like the initial teaser, it's a classical, instrumental score that establishes the tone for a grand space opera in the MCU, playing over footage of Carol's origin and key set pieces. The track is called "Expansion of the World" by Really Slow Motion & Giant Apes. It was composed by Agustin Gonzalez Lancharro.

Marvel isn't averse to utilizing catchy pop songs in their promotional materials, but that strategy is now synonymous with the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. Even though Captain Marvel sill images depict Carol wearing '90s bands apparel, it makes sense for Marvel to avoid incorporating those tracks into the trailers. The goal of Captain Marvel marketing is to make this corner of the MCU stand on its own merits and show audiences why they should care about the film. If the trailers were cut to Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, or Guns & Roses, it could be detrimental - especially since it would freely open comparisons to Guardians of the Galaxy. There's no denying Guardians had excellent marketing, but that formula shouldn't always be copied.

This isn't to say Captain Marvel won't feature any memorable '90s music, it just likely won't be a prominent aspect of the film proper. While that might be disappointing for fans of certain artists, there will be plenty of other opportunities for Marvel to play into the movie's setting, and it'll be fun to see what they come up with.

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