Captain Marvel may still be several months away, but the movie's tie-in Funko toy has revealed the name that Carol Danvers will be going by as part of the Starforce team: Vers. There was a question mark lingering over what name Carol would be using while serving in the elite Kree military unit, since the trailer for Captain Marvel revealed that she'll be suffering from amnesia and won't remember her original life on Earth at first.

Carol Danvers has gone by many names in the comics - including Ms. Marvel, Binary, and Warbird - but took up the mantle of Captain Marvel fairly recently, starting with Mary Sue DeConnick's run of Captain Marvel comics that began in 2012. In the upcoming movie, directed by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, it wouldn't really make sense for Carol to start out using the name Carol Danvers (from a life she doesn't remember) or Captain Marvel (which, in the comics, was taken up in honor of the original Captain Marvel after his death). Instead, it seems that she will be using a vestige of her surname.

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The popular toy company Funko has shared its line-up of Captain Marvel pieces, including several different versions of the movie's titular character: Carol in her Captain Marvel costume, Carol in her Star Force uniform, Carol in her Air Force uniform, Carol wearing her helmet and mohawk, and even Carol on the back of a motorcycle. Perhaps the most interesting detail of the many Carols, however, is the reveal of what name she'll be using when the movie's plot begins. All the versions of Carol in the green-and-black Starforce uniform (like the Pocket Pop! keychain pictured below) use the name Vers.

While the exact details of Captain Marvel's plot remain sketchy, there are certain things that we've figured out based on the trailer. Carol Danvers is born on Earth and has a career as an Air Force pilot, but somehow ends up fighting in the Kree-Skrull war on the side of the Kree, joining the elite team Starforce alongside Korath the Pursuer and several other Kree warriors. While fighting as part of Starforce she doesn't remember her original identity, but when her pursuit of a Skrull soldier brings her back to Earth, she begins recalling memories of her life before she became Vers.

The question that remains is who gave her that name. One possibility is that Carol has some kind of token of her former life - dog tags, perhaps, or something else with her name on it - that was partially destroyed, so that the only legible part that remains is the letters "VERS." Another explanation is that the name is given to her by someone who knows her true identity (perhaps the villain Yon-Rogg) but is keeping it a secret from her. Finally, it could be the case that "VERS" is the only part of Carol's name that remains intact in her fractured memory.

However Carol ends up going by Vers, it looks like she'll have at least three different names in the movie - and will possibly go by Warbird and Binary as well. That's rather appropriate, given that Captain Marvel appears to be a story about Carol's search for her true identity.

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