The hugely successfully crime drama, Criminal Minds, is returning for a much-anticipated reboot season. It's already been given an air date, with the first episode expected to his Paramount+ on Thursday, November 27th.

While fans are eager to see their favorite profilers return to screens, there are a few things they're confused about. The reboot has a lot of things to explain, given the absence of notable characters and change in season episode count.

Spencer's Disappearance Explained

One of the biggest shocks during the announcements of the reboot was the absence of Matthew Gray Gubler, aka Dr. Spencer Reid. Spencer has been a staple for fans, he's one of the few characters to feature in every season of the show. His character quickly became likable for many viewers, with many citing him as their favorite profiler.

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There are several reasons that could explain Gubler's absence from the reboot, but the show writers will have to come up with their own, equally as convincing reason, as to why everyone's favorite Doctor is no longer working with the BAU.

Derek's Disappearance Explained

Another fan favorite of the show as Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore. While Derek left the show a few seasons before it ended, fans still asked about him up until the last episode.

Derek made one special appearance after he left, in which he came back to help Penelope Garcia. Fans are hoping for a similar appearance in the reboot, especially given how long it's been since they've seen Derek on the show. There's no word of him making an appearance, but at the very least the writers will hopefully reference him.

Matt's Disappearance Explained

Matt Simmons was added much later to the show than others, his first appearance in season ten, before he became a regular on the spin-off, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. After his show was canceled, the character came back to Criminal Minds after much demand from fans.

His character became an integral part of the BAU and bonded with fellow agent, Luke Alvez. The actor, Daniel Henney, has been busy filming The Wheel Of Time and won't feature in the new season of Criminal Minds. Fans have been wondering how they'll explain his disappearance, hoping they don't kill him off.

Luke & Penelope's Relationship

One of the most anticipated relationships during the show was that of Luke Alvez and Penelope Garcia. Garcia, who has delivered some of the best Criminal Minds quotes, was initially hostile towards Luke, struggling with her emotions after her best friend, Derek Morgan, left the BAU.

However, over time, the two grew closer. Between all the bickering, there were feelings for each other hidden beneath the surface. In the last episode, Luke asks Penelope on a date, to which she eagerly agrees. Fans are wondering where the two are now, this being another thing the reboot has to include.

Emily Prentiss As Unit Chief

The last time fans saw Emily Prentiss she was Unit Chief of the BAU. Emily has moved around a lot in her FBI career, from international agent, to special agent in the BAU. The reboot series will hopefully pick up where the previous season left off, meaning Emily will still be Unit Chief, and running the BAU.

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The reboot will have a lot of ground to cover in its short, 10 episodes run time, but fans are hoping they'll see Emily in action, running the BAU.

A Mention Of Aaron Hotchner

Another incredibly important character was Aaron Hotchner, who featured on the show for the first eleven seasons After an off-screen altercation, actor Thomas Gibson departed the show abruptly at the start of season 12 (per Screen Rant).

While it's already been confirmed that Hotch isn't returning for the reboot, fans are hoping he'll at least get a mention from the writers, given how crucial he was for such a large part of the earlier seasons.

Throwback To Previous Cases

Criminal Minds was a fan favorite procedural for many reasons, including its ability to reference old cases and keep everything relevant. While it's already been revealed that this season will focus on one case, stretched out over 10 episodes, there's hope that the show references old cases and unsubs.

Not only would it prompt new fans to watch the original series, but it serves as a nostalgic callback for loyal viewers who have seen all 15 seasons of the show.

The Signature Opening Credits

The show has gone through several main characters and cast, but one thing has remained the same: the signature opening credits. While this may seem insignificant compared to other aspects of the show that the reboot needs, fans know how iconic the opening credits are.

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Many are excited to see it updated for the new cast and season, but the main credits remained the same throughout all 15 seasons, and viewers are hoping the reboot includes the same opener.

Relevant Unsub(s)

It's already been revealed that the BAU will be hunting one unsub across 10 episodes in this reboot season. Criminal Minds has always been good at writing relevant, and believable unsubs in previous seasons.

The reboot will have to do the same. A lot has happened since the show went off-air, including a global pandemic, meaning the writing may have to be tweaked a little to be believable and relevant. Even if there's only one unsub across the entire season, they will have to be convincing and enticing enough to keep audiences entertained.

Garcia's Job Change

It was revealed at the end of the last episode that Garcia was leaving the FBI behind. In a tear-jerking scene, she tells her friends that she wants to step away from her computer at the BAU, and move on. She is seen packing up all of her belongings, which became a signature for her character.

However, the new season teases her return to the FBI. The reboot will have to explain what happened and why she chose to come back, after moving on.

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