The evidence continues to pile up that the in-development Cyborg solo film may no longer be on the DCEU's slate. While Marvel Studios spent years developing their individual characters before teaming them up in The Avengers, Warner Bros. and DC took a different approach. New characters like The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg had brief teases, but it wasn't until Justice League that general audiences really got to know them. And with the poor critical and financial reception the movie received, the future of the DCEU has become a big question mark.

Aquaman is coming in December, and Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 will hit theaters next year—baring a massive shake-up. But once guaranteed films like The Batman, and Flashpoint have had numerous issues securing and keeping talent. Ben Affleck may or may not play Batman in the subsequent films and Flashpoint, now just The Flash, has yet to begin production - although things do seem to be finally moving along. Outside of those movies, films like Green Lantern Corps and Cyborg once had release dates but now are up in the air as they lack in major creatives.

Cyborg presents a particular challenge, as even fans of the character aren't exactly clamoring for him to have his own film. The hero has certainly garnered a following thanks to his long run in the comics and his appearances on various Teen Titans animated series, but it may be television that proves the undoing of the solo movie.

Cyborg is Coming to DCTV

DC Universe will launch later this year and bring with it the long-awaited return of Young Justice and the long-in-development Titans. But a slew of other shows have also been announced, mirroring the constant stream of film projects in the works. Unlike the movies, however, significant work has already gone into many of these shows, including the recently revealed Doom Patrol TV series.

The misfit team of heroes will first appear in Teen Titans before jumping to their own show, but a Doom Patrol audition tape featuring Cyborg teases something larger at play. Fans have been wondering whether the stalwart Titans member would be part of Titans given his role in the DCEU, and now it appears he'll at least be in Doom Patrol. He could then crossover to Titans, or perhaps is already a part of the show and has yet to be announced.

Either way, the big question is whether Cyborg appearing on TV will prevent him from being in the movies any longer. We've heard Arrow can't use Deathstroke or the Suicide Squad for this very reason, though that's changed a number of times over the years. The Flash and Superman don't seem to be bound by these same rules, so it might not always be an either/or situation.

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We've also heard Gotham can't call Jeremiah The Joker so as not to water down the brand, further hinting that characters are limited to what media they can be in. Of course, with Warner Bros. working on a whole new Joker movie involving someone other than Jared Leto and characters like Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and Jim Gordon all appearing on TV and the movies, there's really no telling what the rules are.

Where Will Cyborg Appear Next?

If fans aren't picky about live-action versus animation, Cyborg will be coming to the big screen this summer in Teen Titans Go! To The Movies. Beyond that, Titans could bring him to DCTV later this year when it arrives. From there, Cyborg's appearance in Doom Patrol will likely come next year as the show is well underway.

The Cyborg movie was once planned for 2019 alongside The Flash, but things have changed a great deal since then. For now, nothing is set in stone for Cyborg and there's no official word on when his solo movie could arrive. With no creatives announced for it yet, things aren't looking good. Flashpoint was expected to have a part for Cyborg, but since it's now just The Flash, it's possible that plan has changed as well. So while there's plenty of Cyborg to look forward to, Ray Fisher may not return as the character on the big screen for years. Whether or not it's in Cyborg, we'll just have to wait and see.

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