As of late Fallout 76, the latest title in the Fallout franchise has been getting an abundance of updates and content patches. Most recently was the announcement of Nuka-World on Tour, a popular in-universe amusement park, which is in development to be added to the game's world. But it wasn't until the game's predecessor, Fallout 4, that the franchise became known worldwide.

In that title, the player must survive the aftermath of a nuclear war, with radiated beasts and desperate denizens littering the Commonwealth. To survive such a harsh environment the player can obtain chems to give them special abilities after use, like the ability to slow time. Though some chems aren't as generous with their abilities, often coming with a cost to dissuade constant use.

Grape Mentats

While not a direct contributor in a fight, Grape Mentats provide benefits for players looking to make a bigger return on their investments or smooth talk nother character. For eight minutes after consumption, all vendors will sell items at 10% lower than their original cost.

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Another added effect is the temporary +5 to the Charisma stat. With such a boost in that particular stat, players will be able to sell wares to a vendor for greater value. And if that's not enough, having a high Charisma stat can help a player pass a speech check, giving them more access to opportunities in the storyline they're progressing.


With Fallout 4 being one of the longest FPS games of all time, a player will need all the extra defense they could get to survive against the enemies prowling the wasteland. And thankfully Med-X can provide that and more. Being the most common chem in the wasteland Med-X can be easily bought from a vendor at a low price or salvaged from enemy bodies.

This chem provides the player with +25 to their Damage Resistance stat, reducing the total damage they can receive from enemies or the environment. With 5 minutes of duration, it can even last an entire firefight while also buffing the player with +250 to their Poison Resistance.

Orange Mentats

Despite what the name may suggest, Orange Mentats gives the player a completely different bonus in comparison to the original Mentats. For 8 minutes upon consumption, the player is given a +10% boost to the accuracy of their V.A.T.S., the targeting system that allows players to target specific limbs and slow time. Along with that is an extra +5 added to the player's Perception stat.

These benefits are great for players using long-range weapons, as even if an enemy gets too close to hit shoot accurately with a long-range weapon the added stats will almost guarantee a hit even at close distances. That essentially makes this consumable a vital necessity for sniper-based players.


Slowing down time in a game like Fallout 4 where a single stray bullet to the head can end a player's life in a second is a vital necessity. Thankfully it's a cheap one too. Upon consumption the player will receive 15 seconds of slower time perception, allowing enough of an opportunity to flee, take cover, or slaughter foes.

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This particular version of jet is great for melee-based builds, as the +3 to both Strength and Endurance improves melee damage several times. It makes rushing in with a blade or sledgehammer all the more viable when considering the 15 seconds of slowed time. As a sweet bonus players will receive a temporary +65 to max health and +35 to max action points.


The name practically says it all, upon consumption the player will be in an enraged state. Such a state also has its detriments, like a -5 to the Perception state for 8 minutes, but if used with the appropriate build such a debuff is negligible.

Paired with one of the best armor sets in the game, players can charge into opponents and be nigh-invincible by using the +25% to the Damage Resistance and +50% to Melee Damage to tear a group apart. With 8 minutes of duration, these bonuses will last more than long enough to wipe out a group and then some.

Psycho Jet

Psycho Jet is the most common iteration of the jet chems, which is a good thing because its effects are nothing to scoff at. Players could either loot it off of enemy corpses or by purchasing it from vendors using one of the best forms of fictional currency in video games, Nuka-Cola bottle caps.

Similar to its other iterations, Psycho Jet provides the player with 15 seconds of slower time perception. But along with that, it gives the player +25% damage for all weapon types. Additionally, this chem will give players +35 in Damage Resistance and +40 action points for 25 seconds.


With Psychobuff being the compound of two different chems, Psycho and Buffout, players can expect its effects to be highly useful. Generally, it should be used for melee builds, but its versatility of bonuses allows for firearm usage as well.

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Upon usage, the player will be granted an immediate +65 to their health points and a +25% damage boost for a staggering 8 minutes. Each of these benefits practically makes the character a tank in defense and destruction capabilities as the abundance of health allows for reckless play styles. With an additional +3 to Strength and Endurance, players can literally charge into battle without a worry.


Even without putting any perk points into it, the V.A.T.S. system is a powerful tool that can be a lifesaver no matter the situation. But when combined with the Overdrive chem, it practically makes a player a killing machine. For 8 minutes the player is imbued with 2 effects upon consumption.

A +25% addition to overall damage output, and a +25% critical chance improvement. Meaning that even if the critical chance doesn't activate for some reason, the player will already be plenty capable of doing absurd amounts of damage. If the critical chance does activate, however, the player can expect instant obliteration depending on the target and weapon type used.


The X-Cell chem is a consumable acceptable in any situation, but that's mostly because it improves every aspect of the player. In total there are 7 special stats a player can level up in Fallout 4 each providing its own benefits - strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intelligence, agility, and luck. This chem improves each of these by 2.

As Fallout 4 is considered one of the best open-world games for casual players, the difficulty spike isn't so unbearable in the late game as the player will have more than enough gear to sustain themselves. To put it simply, this chem is the rarest for a reason, and that's because it makes the game so easy.

Ultra Jet

Ultra Jet compared to its other varieties is very simplistic with its effects. But because of that, it is also viable for every play style a gamer could use. With that being said, its effects shouldn't be looked down upon. As if it is used correctly, it can save a player's life even in the most dangerous of situations.

The Ultra Jet has the standard effect of slowing down time for 15 seconds, but in addition to that, the player is given an immediate +100 max action points while the effect lasts. With those extra action points, a player can do anything, run away, charge at an enemy, use the V.A.T.S. system, and even fly away if equipped with the right Power Armor.

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