After Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, many fans are still hanging on to the hope that Amy Sherman-Palladino will develop the second season of this sequel. However, until there's news of another revival, fans will still have to cling to the beloved Gilmore Girls reruns.

Throughout the seven seasons of this show, fans became very attached to the unique and captivating characters that make the series so popular. However, with so many die-hard fans, there are also a lot of opinions on Gilmore Girls. These Redditors shared their opinions about what each main character's worst decision was.

Marrying Christopher


This is one of the most controversial plotlines throughout the Gilmore Girls fandom. While many fans hated the relationship between the two, others thought it made sense given Lorelai's desire for marriage and a reliable partnership.

When it comes to this marriage, Reddit user heartmower explained, "Lorelai knew it was wrong and Rory would have told her so. She was thinking, if it cant be [with] Luke the only other logical option was Christopher (her kids dad.)" Though Lorelai's motivations were clear, a large portion of the fandom considers this her worst decision.

Dating Logan


Though Rory and Logan are one of the most popular ships in this series, there are many fans that didn't care for Logan's character. Other fans, similarly, also didn't back the relationship between him and their beloved Rory.

Reddit user misterhepburn said, "Once Logan came into the picture it completely changed the way I felt about her and the show." Rory clearly loved Logan, but their relationship was often dysfunctional and toxic. Given how Logan was introduced in a way that made him seem fairly condescending, many fans agree their relationship was one of Rory's worst decisions.

Hiding April From Lorelai


The viewers watched Luke pine over Lorelai for years until they finally began a relationship at the end of season four. For this reason, viewers were particularly annoyed when Luke found out about his daughter April and couldn't confide in Lorelai.

Reddit user tinkerb3ll3 pointed out how ridiculous it was that Luke wasn't honest with Lorelai, concluding with, "especially considering how very shortly before this, he and Lorelai talked about how important it was to not keep secrets from each other." Luke was quite upset when he found out Lorelai was keeping her friendship with Christopher a secret, making this deception all the more frustrating.

Pushing Chris To Go After Lorelei


Die-hard fans of this show understand the complex relationship between Lorelai and her mother Emily. Though she was often overly judgmental towards her daughter, many of Emily's best quotes on her trying to teach Lorelai a valuable, insightful lesson.

However, this aspect of Emily's character didn't make up for her conniving nature. Reddit user HazRyder37 said, "I hate the vow renewal because that episode is so lovely with Emily and Richard back together and happy, and then she does that to Lorelai." Emily is one of the most controversial characters, but many fans consider her pushing Chris on Lorelai to be her most convoluted decision.

Letting His Mom Treat Emily Poorly


Lorelai's father is one of the most passionate characters in the series, which is outlined in some of Richard's best quotes throughout the storyline. However, his respect for his mother Lorelai, who he nicknames Trix, often overshadows her disrespect for Emily.

Reddit user reddeliciousapple2 said, "Trix made me so mad. And what was almost worse was the fact that Richard didn’t care at all how she treated Emily." While many fans see a similarity between how Trix treats Emily and how Emily treats Lorelai, many viewers thought Richard made a poor decision in not standing up for his wife.

Taking Advantage Of Lorelai's Vulnerability


Lorelai and Christopher had a whirlwind marriage in season seven, but the marriage ended on somewhat amicable terms when Lorelai confessed she didn't have the same feelings toward Christopher as he has for her.

Though this marriage seemed a long time coming, some fans regard their quick relationship as Christopher taking advantage of Lorelai's vulnerable state after breaking up with Luke. Reddit user stellar_dust_ said, "Christopher took advantage of Lorelai's emotional vulnerability, by sleeping with her that night, then pushing her into a relationship with him." It's hard to dismiss the fact that Lorelai was a willing participant in this decision, but these fans think Chris was more out of line than the emotionally vulnerable Lorelai.

Blaming Lindsay For His Cheating


One of the most disliked plotlines in this series is when Rory and Dean have an affair while he's still married to his wife Lindsay. It's hard to say who was more at fault in this circumstance, but many viewers believe Dean was out of line by lashing out at Lindsay after the affair.

Reddit user PasionatelyRational mentioned what they disliked about Dean, stating, "when he lashed out at Lindsay for answering his phone. Yes, the cheating is crap too, but that moment disgusted me." In this scene, Dean was clearly taking his own self-loathing out on his wife. As the married man in this situation, it's more reasonable to put the blame on Dean who made the decision knowing he wasn't certain about divorcing Lindsay.

Jumping Into Adult Life


Lane was the more rebellious character, while still often being kind and courteous to those closest to her. Her inspirational storyline early on is why many fans will fight over the opinion that Lane shouldn't have gotten pregnant so early into her adult life.

Reddit user CheruthCutestory shared their discomfort with Lane's storyline when they said, "She literally had to give up on all her dreams for something she never expressed interest in wanting." Many fans believe Lane's decision to marry young (which led to her early pregnancy) ruined her character.

Dating Asher Fleming


Some audience members were uncomfortable with the relationship between Paris and Asher Fleming, who was a professor at Yale while she was a student. This decision of Paris' also seemed inappropriate considering she was in a relationship at the time.

Reddit user bratthecat thought her boyfriend at the time deserved better, mentioning, "she did Jamie so wrong...he was so good to her and she cheats on him." Though it may be controversial whether their relationship was inappropriate or not, Paris made a poor decision in not breaking up with her current boyfriend before beginning this relationship.

Forcing Jackson's Hand


Among all the dysfunctional and dramatic relationships in this show, the marriage between Sookie and Jackson was one of the most wholesome partnerships. This is why many viewers were uneasy about Sookie's demand that Jackson gets a vasectomy.

There are two sides to this argument: some fans think Sookie shouldn't have demanded this of him, and others believe Jackson should have been honest when he decided not to go through with the procedure. Reddit user johnnysack88 said, "Sookie scheduling him for the vasectomy without his knowledge or consent was also pretty terrible." Despite the controversy, these fans believe Sookie should have consulted with him rather than demanded without his consent.

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