The new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters is here, and it features a very different soundtrack than its predecessor. Back in 2014, the franchise formally known as the MonsterVerse was launched with Gareth Edwards' Godzilla reboot. That film proved to be quite successful, grossing $529 million worldwide against a $160 million budget. As such, Warner Bros. decided to move forward with future installments, building up to the epic Godzilla vs. Kong showdown in 2020. King of the Monsters, which debuts next summer, is the third entry in the MonsterVerse.

WB got the marketing rolling well ahead of King of the Monsters' premiere date, as the sequel was part of the studio's Hall H presentation at San Diego Comic-Con. There, attendees were treated to the first trailer, which set the stage for the narrative and teased the monumental battles to come. With the release date now nearer and the holiday movie season about to be in full swing, WB has launched the next wave of promotion with a fresh trailer. Fans will be most interested in checking out the new footage, but some will be curious what song plays during the preview.

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The first King of the Monsters trailer received raves for its use of the classic composition "Clair de Lune," which certainly gave it a unique feel when compared to other tentpole trailers. Sadly, that looks to be a one-and-done strategy, as the new preview simply features an instrumental musical score that appears to have been composed specifically for the trailer. We'll update this space when the song title and artist are revealed.

The music can actually be broken into two distinct styles. During the first half of the trailer, it slowly rises to a crescendo in a suspenseful manner as viewers see shots of all the expected monster destruction and human desperation. Later on, this gives way to a more percussion-heavy beat leading into the trailer's money shot: Godzilla charging towards Ghidorah for what should be an incredible set piece. Fans will recall Edwards' film was criticized for hiding the King of Monsters and limiting the creature-on-creature violence (until the very end, of course), but it looks like that will not be a complaint for the sequel.

It's somewhat disappointing WB didn't use another traditional composition for the second King of Monsters trailer, especially considering how well-received the "Clair de Lune" preview was. However, the music here is nevertheless effective and does a good job of establishing the film's tone. Audiences are going to be in for a wild ride when Godzilla returns to the big screen, and the trailers definitely don't sell the movie short.

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