Comic-Con Experience attendees in Brazil got a first look at the new trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters over the weekend, and Monarch Sciences' website has been collecting images of possible Titan sightings around the world. Launched during the arrival of the first trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters at San Diego Comic-Con this summer, Monarch's website contains details about incoming Titans Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. It also keeps track of Godzilla's location (and occasional disappearances), and right now it looks like Godzilla himself landed on the coast near São Paulo to celebrate CCXP.

Directed by Michael Dougherty, King of the Monsters is a direct sequel to 2014's Godzilla and also shares a universe with last year's Kong: Skull Island. In the "MonsterVerse," Monarch Sciences is more or less the equivalent of the MCU's SHIELD: a decades-old organization dedicated to researching and monitoring an ancient race of giant beings - known as "Titans" - around the world. These Titans have been considerably beefed up for the MonsterVerse, to the point that Rodan can level an entire city with the sonic thunderclap created by its wings, and Ghidorah taking flight would cause a massive electrical storm. In King of the Monsters, these Titans will awake from their long slumber - and do battle.

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In the lead-up to CCXP, the Monarch Sciences Twitter account has been sharing photos of possible Titan sightings from around the world. Curiously, a lot of the sightings seem to be in places very far away from the Titans' actual locations. While Godzilla is awake and on the move, the other three Titans are currently dormant: Ghidorah in the Antarctic, Mothra in China, and Rodan on a volcanic island off the coast of Mexico. However, the Monarch images show possible evidence of Titan activity in the UK, Sicily, and Bangkok. Are these false alarms, or something more?

Godzilla Sightings

When he's not patrolling the planet, checking in on the other Titans, Godzilla has been doing a global tour of comic conventions. He stopped by San Diego for SDCC, is currently visiting São Paulo for CCXP, and earlier this month he paid a visit to Japan for Tokyo Comic-Con. At the time, Monarch shared an image of the Titan upsetting a cargo ship off the coast of Hamamatsu, Japan, with notes of "mysterious blue lights on horizon."

This blue light, which is seen in a more extreme form when Godzilla unleashes his atomic breath, is indicative of Cherenkov radiation, which is found in underwater nuclear reactors. Godzilla is basically a living, breathing nuclear reactor, and since he's been spending most of his time underwater, that blue light is the best way of spotting him. Another Godzilla sighting, this time in the Philippines' Yap islands, shows Godzilla passing underneath a swimmer:

Finally, Godzilla celebrated his arrival at CCXP by startling a surfer. In the sighting below, which is said to have been taken from drone footage, Godzilla's blue glow can be seen lighting up the waters off the coast of Praia Grande, Brazil:

All three Godzilla sightings seem be to genuine (well, apart from being fabricated for a movie's viral marketing site), and correspond with the giant lizard's movements around the globe. The other supposed Titan sightings, however, are a little more questionable.

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Rodan Sighting in Sicily, Italy

According to Monarch's files, Rodan is referred to as a "Fire Demon" or "The One Born of Fire" in legends, and he likes sleeping in volcanoes. Currently the winged Titan is nesting in an active volcano off the East coast of Mexico, but this image shows something that looks like a fiery winged creature hovering over Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy. Etna is an active volcano that erupts fairly frequently, with the most recent activity occurring in August 2018. Interestingly, in Greek myth another giant monster, Typhon, was buried under Mount Etna by Zeus, and the volcano's occasional violent outbursts were blamed on this restless giant. Perhaps, in the MonsterVerse, Typhon was actually one of the Titans!

Mothra Sighting In Bangkok, Thailand

One of the more benevolent Titans, Mothra is currently lying dormant in a chrysalis in a rainforest temple in China's Yunnan province. Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga) is in charge of monitoring Mothra, and according to Monarch's site the giant moth seems to be waking up. This particular sighting of "god rays" that look a lot like Mothra's bioluminescence is shown in the clouds over Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is only about 100 miles south of the temple where Mothra is hibernating, which lends credence to this possible sighting.

Ghidorah Sighting in Lake District, UK

Perhaps the strangest sighting is this "golden hue anomaly" that looks a great deal like the three-headed Titan King Ghidorah, one of Godzilla's oldest enemies. Ghidorah is currently being monitored in a Monarch facility at the South Pole, so it's unclear why he would be spotted in the UK's Lake District - a region mainly known for its picturesque mountains and lakes and its wealth of hiking trails.


While we could speculate as to what exactly Ghidorah is doing in the Lake District when he's supposed to be encased in ice in the Antarctic, there's a possibility to keep in mind: sometimes a cloud is just a cloud. Monarch are basically like UFO enthusiasts, except their interests lie in the direction of giant monsters rather than alien ships from outer space, so these "sightings" could just be false alarms. Based on what we know about the Titans, their arrival would be marked by devastation and chaos rather than blurry shapes in the clouds (a 500 foot tall three-headed winged lizard is hard to miss).

Are these strange anomalies just cloud formations, some kind of natural phenomena that heralds the arrival of the Titans, or the Titans themselves? Perhaps tomorrow's trailer will shed some more light.

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