From WB Games Montréal, Gotham Knights is nearly upon the world, releasing on October 21st and filling a void left by the Batman: Arkham games. However, despite the many times that the developers have confirmed that Gotham Knights is set in its own-disconnected world, some fans falsely think it is a sequel to Batman: Arkham Knight.

As much as a sequel to Arkham Knight may appeal to some, the concepts of Gotham Knights wouldn't work in the Arkhamverse, and it shows with the differences between the two universes. Many of the characters and events are so drastically different that they simply could never fit within the Arkhamverse.

A More Connected Bat-Family

Except for Barbara Gordon and Alfred, Batman in the Arkham games was constantly distancing himself from both Nightwing and Robin, denouncing their assistance at nearly every opportunity until his ego would nearly cost him his or their lives. Even his relationship with Jason Todd, AKA the Arkham Knight, was much darker, with Jason wanting nothing more than to kill him.

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In Gotham Knights, the Robins seem much more connected even with their clashing personalities, making them feel more like adopted brothers. Bruce himself actually passes the torch to the Knights via Code Black, showing more of a connection to his family.

Jason Todd The Anti-Hero

The way Batman: Arkham Knight leaves Jason Todd, AKA the Red Hood, as a character basically denies him any chance of being part of the Bat-Family. Not only is he mentally scarred due to his trauma with the Joker, but he is a heartless killer, which goes against the Bat-Family's views and rules.

Meanwhile, the Gotham Knights version gives him a new design, and Bruce's death influences him to embrace a non-lethal form of crime fighting. Gotham Knights also shows that he has more of a bond with the other Knights; it may be dysfunctional and filled with tension, but he definitely feels more like part of the team than the Arkham Knight version.

Barbara Gordon Is Batgirl Again

The Arkhamverse makes it clear that Barbara has hung up the cape and cowl of Batgirl for good after the Joker paralyzed her from the waist down. Even after Bruce's death, Barbara remained Oracle for the new head of the Bat-Family: Tim Drake, who was also her husband.

The dynamic for Barbara is quite different in Gotham Knights. This time around, Barbara Gordon got surgery to fix her spine and worked to get back on her feet to become Batgirl again. On top of that, Batgirl is portrayed more as a leader for the Knights, keeping them in line.

The Penguin Is More Civilized

With a now beloved portrayal by Nolan North, the Penguin in the Arkhamverse is depicted more as a vile gangster, ready to get into the grime to get what he wanted. Already from what has been shown, Oswald Cobblepott is a much more rich and more sophisticated crime lord in Gotham Knights.

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Rather than a twisted killer with a ton of goons to command, the Penguin actually seems to be a help for the Gotham Knights; he even gives them information on the Court Of Owls. On top of that, he's all dressed in fancy suits and has both of his eyes with a softer voice. Of course, there could be more foul play involved with his story in the final release.

Part Of A Bigger DC Universe

There is no denying that the Batman: Arkham games are part of a DC universe, but it's mostly through small references and Easter Eggs until Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League was announced. Already, Gotham Knights has shown that it could just be the beginning of a series of games in a shared universe.

The biggest connection is that Robin gains access to the Justice League satellite, giving him the ability to teleport. There is a reference to Aquaman via colorways in the character customizations, and on the Batcomputer, the player can discover emails from characters such as Clark Kent giving his condolences on the Knights' loss.

Mr. Freeze Is Still Alive

In Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Knight, Mr. Freeze was a consistently thrilling villain to encounter as Batman. However, this is where an apparent disconnection between Arkham and Gotham Knights is established.

In one of the best side-missions of Arkham Knight, Mr. Freeze reunites with Nora, and they both agree to spend their last days together away from Gotham. Their fate is sealed, and they die out at sea. Gotham Knights, on the other hand, confirms that Freeze is part of the lineup of villains and is given a vastly different design.

Tim Drake Is A Teenager

All the Robins in the Arkhamverse appeared to be near the same age, and it showed with Barbara Gordon married Tim Drake of all characters. Not the worst idea to make a more condensed timeline, but it was poorly executed.

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Gotham Knights shows Dick Grayson as the oldest, Jason Todd seems a bit younger, Batgirl is seemingly somewhere between Dick and Jason, and Tim Drake is still a high-schooler. This is not only closer to the comics, but it allows them all to have more history with Bruce Wayne than their Arkham counterparts.

Harley Quinn Is More Villainous

Much older and without the Joker, Harley Quinn is no longer the cute henchwoman that the Arkham games often reduce her to. Nor is she the sassy anti-hero that fans will see in Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League.

Instead, Harley has evolved into her own villain who leads the gang known as The Freaks. She has her own master plans and is capable of taking on various members of the Bat-Family using a powered sledgehammer. As fun as Harley Quinn was in the Batman: Arkham games, this Harley played by Kari Wahlgren appears to be much more intimidating.

Jim Gordon Is Dead

Batman never had to deal with the police that much in the Arkham games because of his close friendship with James Gordon as Captain or Commissioner. That is all out the window in Gotham Knights because prior to Batman's death was the death of Jim Gordon.

Now the Knights not only have to deal with the gangs and criminal organizations across Gotham, but they are also enemies of corrupted police forces as well as a Blackgate Prison task force. However, the Knights will have Renee Montoya of the GCPD as an ally, taking Jim's place much like they are taking Batman's place.

A More Colorful Take On Gotham City

While there are certainly visual discrepancies throughout the four Arkham games, there is still a recognizable style to the characters, technology, and environments. The Arkhamverse was darker, with Gotham City filled to the brim with mud, rain, and a more gritty design.

Meanwhile, Gotham Knights features a more vibrant color scheme with Gotham City covered in neon light. Gotham City in the new game feels much more out of a comic book but in the best way possible. It's equally beautiful and vibrant as it is gothic and gloomy, and this carries over into the designs for all four Knights and their many suits as well.

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