With horror games like The Quarry and The Mortuary Assistant scaring the wits out of gamers, it is obvious that the extremely popular gaming sub-genre is alive and well. Horror games have produced some of the most popular franchises in history, but that hasn't stopped players from expressing their hot takes about horror titles.

Whether it was questions about the gameplay in Silent Hillor surprising takedowns of games like Amnesia, even the most beloved games weren't immune to scalding opinions. To air their horror game grievances, users on Reddit took to the site to make their most unpopular and controversial thoughts known.

Putting The "Why" In Villainy

The horde of mindless zombies is a common trope in action horror games, and some players wished that there was more to the experience. User bike_tyson explained that they thought "Horror shooters need less enemies with more background. ... Fewer zombies with more humanity is scarier than waves of kill rooms."

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Using the zombie as an example, some horror games struggle with explaining why a villain is something to be feared or sympathized with. Even so, if too much information is imparted to the player, the more action-oriented horror games could get bogged down in trivial minutia.

Lovecraftian Fail

Horror writer H.P. Lovecraft was so influential that his particular style of storytelling has been co-opted into other media and referred to as "Lovecraftian". User 1000MothsInAManSuit thought most "Lovecraftian" games missed the mark. They said, "Just about every game I’ve played that prides itself as 'lovecraftian' has fallen flat for me. They typically don’t understand what makes cosmic horror what it is."

While plenty of great movies have been inspired by Lovecraft, few games have come close to capturing his oeuvre. Call of Cthulhu attempted a more literal translation but missed the mark, however, games like Amnesia borrow just enough from the late author to mimic his style while still being original.

Silent Hill Lacks Gameplay Substance

The best Silent Hill games often rank highly among some of the greatest titles in gaming history, but some players feel that something is missing. User Von4Tune took on the beloved series, saying, "The silent hill games have superb atmosphere, stories, music and art direction, but their actual gameplay is horrible".

The first handful of games in the series did lack the same fluid action gameplay as modern entries, but they more than make up for it with their other aspects. The jilted combat system actually enhances the experience in a lot of cases and adds to the dreamlike quality of the environs of Silent Hill.

Fight And Flight

The horror genre has splintered into so many sub-genres, that gamers are usually divided on which they like the best. User nananananateman made their position clear when they said, "Combat-less games are more frustrating than scary. There has to be a mix of fight and flee in order to create effective horror."

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Gaming is ultimately an active experience, but many horrifying titles have come around that rely more on stealth than combat. It all comes down to a matter of personal preference, but there is no denying that there has been a rise in stealth horror as of late. Regardless, horror is subjective and there are plenty of gamers who get a chill from stealth over action.

Bloopers For Bloober

Indie game developers Bloober have made a name for themselves with horror titles like Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, but some gamers simply aren't picking up what they're putting down. User Eggoat123 wholesale rejected Bloober when they commented, "I have played, finished and genuinely hated every project that Bloober has done."

Though disliking one or two of the team's games isn't completely uncommon, it is a bit shortsighted to completely throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to Bloober. Layers of Fear showed that simplicity can be the scariest of all, and their connection to Silent Hill shouldn't be panned before it has even been released.

P.T. Spoiled Horror Gaming

The tragically canceled Silent Hills game gave the world one of the most dynamic demos of all time in the form of P.T., but some players didn't like the influence that it had on the industry. User limelightkiller voiced those frustrations when writing "I hate what P.T. did to horror games. ... No one really made it their own."

Even if players didn't realize it, many games have been inspired by the lost demo. Considering that gaming is usually just a series of trends, it was only natural that a considerable amount of copying would occur. Unfortunately, the bulk of the imitation comes as an attempt to fill the void that was left behind by the game's cancelation.

Mediocre Outlast

Like all games, horror titles are subjective, and what one player enjoys might be completely unlikeable to another. To illustrate that point, user bombboy125 said, "The Outlast games are mediocre at best, and I still have no idea why people think they're the holy grail of horror games".

Taking the power out of the player's hands, Outlast was so scary because it was one of the first horror titles to rely exclusively on stealth. Even though it ranks highly as one of the best stealth horror games of all time, action-oriented gamers are not going to enjoy it because it simply isn't their cup of tea.

Multiplayer Isn't Scary

While campaign modes and single-player games can be hair-raising on their own, many horror titles opt for a multiplayer option to keep the gameplay fresh. User Delano7 lambasted multiplayer horror when they wrote, "Multiplayer horror games ... are not scary. How are you supposed to be scared where you got 3 dudes screaming stupid stuff."

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It is true that multiplayer games are often dependent on the lobby that one ends up in, but that shouldn't detract from the overall experience. Horror games aren't always opting to be the scariest thing in the world, and games like Friday the 13thare fun and engaging, but light on terror.

Amnesia Is Forgettable

Not being scary enough is a very common complaint among the hardcore horror gamer, but it fails to account for the fact that all media is entirely subjective. User aradicalraptor took aim at a horror hit when commenting, "Amnesia is just flat out boring. I got for dirt cheap because everyone kept telling me how it's a masterpiece and how it's so terrifying, but all it made me wanna do is play better horror games."

Eschewing overt action for stealth, Amnesia already set itself at odds with a huge swath of gamers. Despite this handicap, the game excelled at delivering a chilling atmosphere and a storyline that kept things engaging. Even the scariest games of all time aren't enough to shake the most jaded horror hound, and its supposed lack of scariness shouldn't be used to dock points from Amnesia.

Five Nights At Freddy's Deserves Respect

Though it isn't a AAA horror title with a huge budget, Five Nights at Freddy's showed that a lot could be done with very little. Because of this, user snort_cannon defended the game, saying "Fnaf is actually a really good franchise, people only seem to hate it cause it's popular".

Bursting on the horror game scene, Five Nights at Freddy's quickly became a marketing juggernaut, and it was aimed mostly at young people. Because of this, many serious-minded gamers have been quick to dismiss the games as lackluster, despite the fact that they deliver a lot of what makes horror games so popular.

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