The article contains spoilers for House of the Dragon!

The first season of House of the Dragon is almost at an end, and fans are sad to see the season go. After all, reintroduced many viewers to the Game of Thrones universe, and the journey to get to know Alicent and Rhaenyra has been incredible. Where the two easily could have been one-note characters, the show fleshes them out far beyond what the books ever managed.

Yet the two are clearly headed for war. Their sides, the Greens and the Blacks, seem to be ready for a bloody conflict that will leave Westeros screaming. While fans prepare for their inevitable fight, they have been making up many memes that sum up the Greens and Blacks perfectly.

A Dragon Egg Olive Branch

Rhaenyra's marriage offer to Alicent could have easily ended the war if only Alicent wanted to. She offered Jace's hand in marriage to Alicent's own daughter, a testament to how far Rhaenyra was willing to go to avoid going to war against her childhood friend. She even offered a dragon egg.

Yet, while fans often misunderstand Rhaenyra's intentions, she was actually offering Alicent the life of her son. After all, if Aemond had a dragon of his own, he could more easily protect himself from the Blacks. If Rhaenyra truly wanted to kill Alicent's sons, she would never have offered a dragon. So, while it might seem ridiculous to offer a dragon egg, she was actually addressing Alicent's concerns.

Just Awaiting Viserys' Death

The conflict between the Blacks and the Greens was always building toward a natural point: The death of King Viserys I. He was all that was holding them together, and he was also all that was keeping them from publicly displaying their hatred for one another.

After all, even before his death, Aemond was insulting the Strong boys as soon as Viserys left the table. With it evolving into an instant conflict, it was clear that war would break out as soon as Viserys died. Even if Rhaenyra held it together, the war would have eventually come after the succession crisis in the wake of her death.

Based On Favoritism

A major reason for the war is that Viserys clearly viewed Rhaenyra as his favorite. It's a Viserys trait that Paddy Considine absolutely nails, as he truly manages to show just how badly Viserys wants to get Rhaenyra to love him. After losing Aemma, Rhaenyra was all that he had left of her, so pleasing her was the only thing left for him to do.

Yet it also led to a major conflict among his children. After all, he was willing to overlook Aemond being stabbed in the eye, just because Rhaenyra's sons were on the other end of the conflict. It led to a growing resentment between the Strong boys and Aemond, which would eventually fester into hatred and rivalry.

Equally Horrible

While many fans may have overlooked it, Rhaenyra outright asked for Aemond to be tortured, even after the boy lost his eye. Severely injured, Aemond certainly didn't deserve torture just because he called the Strong boys bastards, and he had as much a right to Vhagar as anyone.

So, while it's easy to dismiss the Greens as the violent side of the conflict, Rhaenyra was certainly willing to commit some horrible behavior. The two sides were both willing to see and commit bloodshed. The only difference is that Alicent called for it outright, while Rhaenyra used language that could obfuscate the situation.

Unable To Rectify Their Sides

While Rhaenyra has the king's will on her side and the oaths of the lords of Westeros, Alicent never particularly cared about Viserys' will. Given that she was always worried that her sons would be murdered to strengthen Rhaenyra's claim, she had good reason to ignore it.

While Viserys' last words certainly confused the situation, it's likely that Alicent would have felt the need to war anyway. Whether Alicent wanted it or not, a lord could easily prop up Aegon as a rebel, which would eventually lead to her son dying. So, while Alicent may look ridiculous for ignoring Viserys' demands, she was actually wise to.

Split The Fanbase

The conflict between the Greens and Blacks isn't just an issue from the show. The House of the Dragon fanbase has also split. Some fans are backing Alicent, citing the Great Council of 101 and Westerosi tradition to proclaim that Aegon should be king. Others support Rhaenyra, citing Viserys' will and the oaths the lords took.

The two sides often get into heated arguments. While both agree that neither Aegon nor Rhaenyra Targaryen have much political ability, they still can't help but scream at each other over message boards and water coolers. The rivalry is so profound that it has transcended the show, which has really engaged viewers.

Different Perspectives On Law

The Blacks and the Greens have very different perspectives for legal rulings in Westeros. After all, some abide by the Great Council of 101, which ruled in favor of Viserys over another candidate, Rhaenys. Given that the Great Council was called for by King Jaehaerys, the Greens consider it a lawful decree that men should inherit over women, which book readers know was very important.

Yet Black supporters argue that Viserys' word was also the law. By forcing the lords to swear to Rhaenyra, he made a precedent as binding as the Great Council. Of course, in Westeros, the only word that will actually be followed in the one backed by swords and dragons,

Ignoring The King's Word

Despite the fact that Viserys clearly made it his will to make Rhaenyra the queen, the Greens have been happy to treat that demand in the same way that Cersei treated Robert's will, by ignoring it. Given that Viserys no longer has the power to back up his demands, they really don't have to abide by his word any longer.

While it's easy to misunderstand Otto Hightower, it is clear that the Hand of the King was using his power to undermine Rhaenyra, even while Viserys was still alive. With Viserys now dead, the Greens have no interest in listening to him, and it will certainly enrage the Blacks.

The Greens Acted First

While the Blacks have certainly done reprehensible things, like killing Daemon's first wife or murdering Vaemond for speaking the truth, the Greens have been the instigators of most conflicts. After all, even the murder of the Strongs came because Larys Strong believed he was abiding by Alicent's wishes.

With Criston Cole working to radicalize Aegon and Aemond against Rhaenyra's sons, it is also clear that there was an intergenerational conflict brewing. With dangerous and impulsive people on both sides, the Greens have been the bloodier and crueler party so far.

Could Have Been Prevented

The worst part of the rivalry between the Blacks and the Greens is that it was easily preventable. With Alicent and Rhaenyra having been childhood friends, they could have easily put their fighting aside, had they intervened early and made amends. Yet Alicent refused to let it end.

Her fury about Rhaenyra's autonomy, lies, and bastard sons made her unable to realize that there was a path forward that could have ended without bloodshed. Instead, Alicent refused Rhaenyra's offer and damned the realm to a bloody civil war for it.

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