The first season of House of the Dragon will soon draw to a close after reviving so much of what fans loved about its predecessor, Game of Thrones, while adding more to the beloved series' history. With fresh new heroes, a more streamlined story, and more dragons, the show has revitalized everything about the franchise.

But it isn't just heroes that the show has introduced. House of the Dragon has also brought new villains such as Aemond forward, and it has given him the biggest dragon in the world. Yet while book fans may know a lot about Vhagar, there's still a lot left for show fans to know.

Vhagar Was Born In Westeros

Unlike Balerion the Black Dread, Vhagar was hatched on Dragonstone after the fall of Valyria. With the majority of the dragonlords of Valyria dead and gone, Vhagar found herself crawling out of an egg on the Targaryen stronghold of Dragonstone.

From there, she would live a long and storied life, eventually growing to become the largest living dragon during House of the Dragon. Yet Vhagar lived most of her life in the shadow of Balerion, who was far larger and far more fearsome than Vhagar would ever grow to be.

Vhagar Helped Conquer Six Kingdoms

While Westeros is now known as the Seven Kingdoms, it was not always the combined nation that fans know it as today. Once, it was just a group of high fiefs that often warred over disputed territory. Yet, with Vhagar's help, the Targaryens managed to force six of the Seven Westerosi kingdoms to submit to Aegon's rule.

While Vhagar also helped in several attempts to bring Dorne into Aegon's kingdoms, they never actually managed to overcome Dorne's will. All the same, Vhagar etched her name into legend by being one of the three great dragons who forced all of Westeros to submit to the Targaryens.

Vhagar's First Rider Was Queen Visenya

Over a century before Aemond claimed her, Vhagar was the dragon of Visenya Targaryen, one of Aegon the Conqueror's wives and one of the most powerful Targaryens in history. Visenya was a more brutal person than Aegon's other sister, Rhaenyra, which fit Vhagar's nature.

Happy to destroy whatever Visenya directed her to demolish, Vhagar became a great and terrifying monster all across Westeros. Given that Visenya lived a long and storied life, it is hard to separate the names Vhagar and Visenya for most Westerosi, which is something that Aemond will need to overcome, as he serves as her newest rider.

Vhagar Was Named For A Valyrian God

Though Vhagar was never able to see Valyria as Balerion did, she was still descended from Valyria's dragons and was given her name to honor Valyria's gods. While not much is known about this god, Daenerys often reflects upon Vhagar's namesake.

Vhagar's name is a mark of how far House Targaryen has shifted from the days of her hatching. In many ways, the House has completely removed itself from its origins. With Targaryens marrying and being crowned under the light of the Faith of the Seven, they have moved far from worshiping Valyria's gods and observing Valyria's customs.

Vhagar Hatched During The Century Of Blood

While there have been many important battles in Targaryen history, few were as terrifying as the wars during the century of Vhagar's hatching. While House Targaryen was still trying to recover after the Doom of Valyria, all of Essos waged a series of awful and bloody wars.

In this century, the Dothraki first began to lay claim over Essos. Though Vhagar was too young and small to participate in the fighting, she was one of the last dragons and was living proof that the strength of Valyria was not fully gone. The promise of dragons kept House Targaryen alive, even as other dragonlords were killed in droves.

Visenya And Vhagar Captured The Vale Bloodlessly

While most of the Seven Kingdoms were brought into Targaryen rule through force, Vhagar helped to capture the Vale of Arryn bloodlessly. With House Arryn being one of the most important houses of Westeros, it was essential that Vhagar and Visenya bring them into the fold, and that was simple after discovering that King Arryn was a child.

All Visenya had to do was arrive at the Eyrie with her dragon. After showing off Vhagar to Sharra Arryn, the king's mother, they had the Eyrie and all the Vale without a fight. Visenya and Vhagar even took the little king — now a little lord — on a flight to commemorate their alliance, before returning to Aegon.

Vhagar Fought In The Battle Known As The Field Of Fire

When the Lannisters and Gardeners took up arms against Aegon, the three Targaryens mounted their dragons and met the enemy in the field, where they promptly burned tens of thousands of men. It was one of the most brutal battles in Westerosi history, and it showed just how powerful dragons could be.

While Visenya was injured in the fighting, it was a decisive victory for the dragonlords. With the Lannisters surrendering and the Gardeners wiped out, two more kingdoms were brought into the fold. In the aftermath, the Tyrells replaced the Gardeners as rulers of the Reach, and the three living dragons became legendary.

Vhagar Set Dorne On Fire But Didn't Live To See It Conquered

When Dorne held off the attacks of Rhaenys, they managed to kill the dragon rider and her dragon. Devastated at the loss of their sister, the Targaryens took up arms. With the help of Balerion and Vhagar, the two surviving siblings burned all of Dorne.

The only exception was the city of Sunspear, the seat of House Martell. Many fans may not know it, but Aegon's Conquest actually ended in failure. After all, the Targaryens eventually retreated from Dorne, after discovering that the Dornish had simply abandoned their cities. It would take a marriage pact to bind Dorne to the Seven Kingdoms, and it would take centuries for it to be forged.

Vhagar Burned Aegon The Conqueror On His Funeral Pyre

When Targaryens die, they are not buried, nor are they dropped into the sea like the Velaryons. Instead, they accept nothing less than a funeral pyre by dragon fire. Or, at least, they did before the dragons died between House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones.

After Aegon the Conqueror died, it fell to Vhagar to provide the flames for his funeral fyre, as Balerion was still awaiting its next rider, Maegor the Cruel. Though Vhagar had flown beside Aegon for decades and conquered kingdoms in his name, she had to be the one to send Aegon off at Visenya's order.

Vhagar Attacked And Burned Many Westerosi Houses

While Vhagar is often known for her longevity, accomplishments, and size, it should also be noted that she had a propensity for burning entire Houses. As the dragon for a brutal queen, she was often taken into a fight and mercilessly let loose on her enemies.

Having burned nearly every seat in Dorne, she also burned the castles of many kings and lords in the Crownlands and Westerlands over the years. Anytime House Targaryen was in crisis, Vhagar was always ready and willing to extinguish entire Houses at the command of her riders. With Aemond as her newest rider, it is likely that she will continue those habits once more.

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