Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Avengers: Infinity War.

The line "I don't feel so good" from Avengers: Infinity War has become iconic, with memes aplenty made honoring the death of Peter Parker and the rest of the fallen Avengers.

When Thanos finally succeeded in collecting all six Infinity Stones, then snapped his fingers so as to wipe out half of all living things in the entire universe, Avengers: Infinity War quickly became an outlier in the entire MCU. Though villains have come close to succeeding in the past, this was the first incident of a Marvel villain seeing his plan through to the bitter end and ultimately coming out on top. Characters who led record-breaking movies in the franchise like Black Panther and Star-Lord vanished into dust when Thanos snapped his fingers, and even though they will undoubtedly return in Avengers 4, the takeaway was still tragic. That said, arguably the most upsetting death belonged to Spider-Man - mostly on account of his final passing words to Tony Stark.

Instead of mourning Peter's death, however, the internet has done one better: celebrating his memory via memes inspired by his "I don't feel so good" line. Today we're going to be look back at some of the best.

Uncle Ben


In a heart-wrenching example of turning tables, this particular meme is unforgivable. As if fans weren't devastated enough over the tragic passing of Spider-Man, this one reminds that Peter Parker's life is ripe with misery. Not only did he lose his parents, but his sole father figure Uncle Ben literally died in his arms. And even though this version of the character hasn't appeared in the current MCU, the emotional blow still applies; killing him off in the same way Peter was killed might be poetic, but it does nothing in terms of easing the pain.

Doctor Who

Whenever the titular Time Lord on Doctor Who regenerates, he tends to put up a fight. This was especially true with David Tennant's Tenth Doctor. In his regeneration episodehe famously utters the line, "I don't want to go,just before the regeneration process takes over; the exact same line Peter Parker says just before he vanishes. So, in lieu of the similarities between the series and movie, the 10th Doctor's dramatic goodbye was the perfect ammunition for a meme of this comedic/tragic nature.

Interestingly enough, neither characters were actually gone for good; Spider-Man will no doubt make a return, and Tennant returned as the Doctor in the show's 50th Anniversary episode "The Day of the Doctor."

Captain America's PSA

In times of tragedy, Steve Rogers/Captain America is typically a guiding light. Having dealt with his own bouts of tragedy, he's proven to be successful in leading people out of troubling situations. In fact, even as a full-fledged Avenger, he managed to fit in some time to film a PSA for high school students, informing them on various topics, like "Changing Your Body" and "Food for Thought." However, in a far grimmer spin on his PSA's, this meme envisions an alternate timeline where Rogers doesn't survive Thanos' finger-snap.

Scooby Doo, Where Are You?

It's no secret that the Mystery Inc. from Scooby Doo, Where Are You? had a tendency of getting themselves into risky situations. Constantly on the prowl for criminals in decidedly unsafe environments, their success rate wasn't based out of talent, but pure luck; and had it not been for a constant string of deus ex machinas, there's no way the team could have possibly survived as long as they did. So, with that being said, it only feels right that at least one of them would fall victim to Thanos' finger snap. And given the fact that Shaggy Rogers was arguably the least motivated member of the group, it's only fair that the other driving forces behind Mystery Inc.'s success managed to get a pass. Then again, Daphne never seemed especially fond of hunting suspected ghosts and monsters either...


The Mac and PC war has been going strong ever since their respective creators, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, began their computer feud way back in the early 1980s. To this day, Apple and Microsoft are still duking it out, and the competition is typically predicated on whether or not users prefer one interface over the other: macOS or Windows. Unfortunately, per this meme at least, Windows clearly didn't survive Thanos' finger snap, and it may well have a lot to do with the original design of its logo. That or Gates guessed Avengers: Infinity War's ending decades ahead of time.

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