The first trailer for Men in Black International is here, and it sports an appropriate song choice to set the stage for the new film. In 2019, several cinematic franchises will prepare to end eras with installments billed as finales of their respective stories. An exception to that trend is Men in Black International, which is obviously hoping to be the start of a new series for Sony. While set in the same continuity as the previous three movies in the franchise (Emma Thompson returns as Agent O), the film focuses primarily on a new cast of characters, headlined by Chris Hemsworth's Agent H and Tessa Thompson's Agent M. The idea is the stars will be able to carry over their comedic chemistry from Thor: Ragnarok and revitalize Men in Black.

Hemsworth wrapped filming back in October of this year, and recent signs pointed to a marketing push beginning. Earlier in the month, the film finally received its official title, and there was a new still image of Hemsworth and Thompson in action. This was all building up to the trailer reveal, and as viewers check out the new footage, they'll be able to listen to a catchy tune that fits the project quite well.

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The opening moments of the preview feature the return of the main Men in Black instrumental theme (composed by Danny Elfman), but that's not the only music included. A majority of the trailer is set to Fergie's song "London Bridge," a platinum single from her 2006 debut album The Dutchess.

Anyone with even passing familiarity with the song knows lyrically it doesn't connect to Men in Black International's plot, but it was likely chosen for the trailer due to the title. For this franchise revival, the filmmakers are mixing things up and changing MIB's setting from New York to London, showcasing a new branch of the organization. Additionally, the bouncy, infectious beat helps establish the tone of the film, which (just like its predecessors) blends comedy and action into an entertaining package. The trailer is peppered with several humorous moments and interactions, including many that highlight Hemsworth and Thompson's dynamic.

With six months to go until Men in Black International is released, Sony has plenty of time to release more marketing materials as the calendar flips to 2019. It'll be interesting to see what else they do to generate hype, but the advertising campaign is off to a solid start. If nothing else, the trailer demonstrates Men in Black International is very much cut from the same cloth as the original trilogy - only with a pair of younger stars at the forefront to carry the torch.

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