It's that time of the year for the annual Call of Duty franchise release, this time with a somewhat familiar and new take on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will release on October 28th, 2022. With such a close release date, two betas for the highly anticipated shooter have already transpired. In these betas, players and fans of the series were met with new renditions of their favorite maps.

While the familiarity is nice, it isn't much of a concern for newer players. Instead, their priority lies in the functionality of the maps as the proper battlefield will determine what weapon to use in the particular situation or what perks to equip. While the betas haven't necessarily revealed every map, it isn't too late to start doing your homework.

Farm 18

Farm 18 is a somewhat small map compared to the other maps revealed during the beta as it pins players together into tight spaces for them to combat in, namely the numerous buildings littering the field and the giant firing range in the center of the map. Because of this, players will find that most of the time, they'll be fighting other players indoors in tight spaces. Not to mention all the debris and obstacles that clutter the already small streets, making it hard to hit someone from afar with all that cover.

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As such, it's a map not exactly viable for long-range weaponry like sniper rifles or anything with a low rate of fire. With the removal of the shoot detection for the mini-map, an enemy player can be as close as around a corner. In a situation like that, the best odds of survival is to have a shotgun or SMG equipped. Note that aerial killstreaks, such as the Stealth Bomber or the Chopper Gunner, are not recommended, as enemies will always have quick access to shelter from the outside.

Valderas Museum

Museums are generally renowned for the ability to get a visitor lost in a matter of minutes, and Infinity Ward certainly did an accurate portrayal of that aspect when making this map - so much so that not only is it difficult to navigate this large and expansive museum, but it's also very difficult to find another soul. Basically, finding an enemy in this map amounts to mostly luck.

There is an outdoor area, and just because of how confusing the interior of the museum is, that's where most of the fighting will take place. The strategy for this map is to wait outside while opponents get lost in the museum. When they can't find anyone, they'll leave it and walk into outdoor firing lines. Range is viable for this map as outdoors, the map is mostly empty, bar some monuments that could provide excellent cover if used correctly. Though even with this, the map certainly can't compete with some of the best Modern Warfare multiplayer maps in the series' history.

Breenbergh Hotel

As one could expect of new-age technology, the visuals for this map are stunning. From the reflection of the glass as players bolt down hallways to the lighting that every so often casts shadows behind every enemy, this map doesn't skimp out on the outdoors environment either. The Breenbergh Hotel sits at a sort of balance between outdoors and indoors, with the center and backside of the hotel having no ceiling to restrict certain killstreaks.

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And unlike other maps, the interiors aren't so cluttered that players will get a headache just from walking past it all. That provides a great range for players to shoot down at each other from afar. In this case, it's almost a disadvantage to be outside as the obvious choice for survivability would be to stay indoors and use medium to long-range weapons for dealing with indoor and outdoor foes. With the appropriate reconnaissance perks, getting kills on this map can be easy.

Sariff Bay

Sariff Bay is a map made for the new Invasion mode, a mode that pits teams of twenty against each other, with the objective being to see which team can reach 1,000 kills first. As such, it's expected that maps for this game mode are to be expansive and particularly suited to fit such a large amount of players. That means designing it so one side doesn't just spawn in and immediately die because the other side has a clear shot from across the map.

For that situation to not occur, this map features a sprawl of different kinds of buildings at its center. That's where most of the action will be taking place, in a downtown city suitable for shootouts on the streets and on the roofs. This gives players access to many types of play styles, whether it's sniping from above, running from building to building with a shotgun or SMG, shooting down streets with assault rifles, or even using melee against people indoors. Just these features alone are enough for most players to put it as one of the best Call of Duty maps in the franchise.


This map has something for everyone. To be specific, it's the only map that seems suitable for every play style. While it is the second Invasion game mode map available during the beta, it is not too similar to the other map as this one has unique perks of its own. Unlike the other Invasion game mode map, this one gives players access to vehicles for them to traverse quickly. Driving isn't too frustrating because the symmetry of this map means both the top and bottom of it are good for flanking.

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Which also happens to give snipers a good range to look down. Medium to long-range weapon users can bolt down the middle and use buildings and apartments for cover. Aerial killstreaks are extremely useful as many battles will occur outdoors in the plaza. With big teams of twenty, players get a sense of camaraderie as the group pushes together down the sandy streets. Compared to the other map, this one makes the goal a staggering 1,500 kills. It's a good thing for players who enjoy longer games or those who are concerned with just leveling up. This map just really showcases why the Call of Duty franchise has remained one of the best first-person shooters of all time.

Mercado Las Almas

Most players probably thought that having a gun battle in an area as crowded as a street market wouldn't be a good idea, but give it up for Infinity Ward, who took that idea and made the weird terrain somewhat enjoyable. This map is small; in fact, it's the smallest map in the beta. But even then, the options available to a player are more expansive than the other maps would allow. This map easily comes as a contender for one of the best 1v1 maps in Call of Duty History.

Aerial killstreaks are viable as, while there are interiors to hide in, they are spread out and too few to the point where it's most likely already occupied with someone already fighting the occupant. The streets are narrow but long with no obstacles, so medium to long-range weaponry is viable. Reconnaissance-related perks aren't really necessary, as spotting enemies isn't too difficult with how open it is. Thanks to that, players can feel free to equip any perk they want in exchange.

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