Though Resident Alien only recently aired its season 2 finale, lead star Alan Tudyk has teased that filming will start soon for the third season. Fans have expressed excitement over the update, especially given the cliffhanger they were left with.

WhileResident Alien is a show built around alien conspiracies and the prevention of Earth's destruction, the heart of the series can be found in its main characters. They all reside in the close-knit community of Patience, CO, and such a quaint setting allows for even the most surly of characters to display moments of warmth and care.

Dr. Ethan Stone

Though a relatively minor character in the grand scheme of Resident Alien, Dr. Ethan Stone showed signs of being one of the friendliest folks in Patience, CO. He was warm toward all his patients, had a level of charisma that endeared him to the most skeptical of people (Sheriff Mike), and was dedicated to helping others.

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While Dr. Stone was eventually kidnaped by government agents at the end of the show's first season and hardly seen after the event, the brief flashes of his captivity made him sympathetic given the torture he was put through. Had he been given more time to prosper in Patience, he might have established himself as one of the show's best characters.

Ben Hawthorne

As the town mayor, Ben Hawthorne attempts to please everyone in Patience. This want to earn praise can make Ben an empathetic character, though it also has led the mayor to make some incredibly frustrating decisions (mostly pertaining to his jealousy of the neighboring town).

Despite Ben's wishy-washy behavior, the character is ultimately a nice guy who just wants the best for everyone. He can't always give that to others (just look at his tumultuous relationship with his wife), but he tries, and that commitment is what makes him so charming.

D'Arcy Bloom

D'Arcy Bloom works as the bartender at The 59 and starts as a flirtatious love interest for Harry. While her confidant poise and warmth for the town Doctor quickly subsides, her personality makes her an endearing presence on Resident Alien, though one who can be difficult to like at times.

Though D'Arcy's relationship with Ben Hawthorne and Elliot can make her a frustrating character to empathize with, she more than makes up for her stubbornness with her commitment to Asta. Couple this with her dedication in getting the women of Patience pay raises, and it's easy to see why some consider D'Arcy ResidentAlien's best character.

Harry Vanderspeigle

Harry Vanderspeigle is a deliberately difficult character to like. He's selfish, doesn't care for others, and spends much of the show's first season wanting to get off Earth so he can complete his mission (which is to destroy the planet).

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Despite Harry's shortcomings as a person, he's still an enjoyable presence on Resident Alien. Alan Tudyk's performance as Harry lends the show its funniest scenes, and the arc he goes through during the second season (wherein Harry learns what it means to be a friend and father) adds warmth to a rather standoffish person.

Asta Twelvetrees

As the foil to Harry Vanderspeigle, Asta can sometimes get on viewers nerves due to her (justified) anger at Harry and his lies. These instances are rare, however, and only work to humanize one of television's most altruistic characters.

Asta's defining trait as a character is her compassion. She looks out for the youth of Patience due to the mistakes she made as a child, befriends Harry because he is an outsider to Patience, and is willing to forgive the alien's transgressions because of how much he tries to better himself in order to maintain his friendship with Asta.

Mike Thompson

Though Sheriff Mike startedas an antagonist and controlling presence on Resident Alien, the character has become one of the most sympathetic and delightful personalities on the show. His love for his dog Cletus is equal parts hilarious and adorable, his obliviousness to other people's discomfort can be hysterical, and the character's tragic backstory makes Mike's loner-like figure extremely huggable.

Perhaps the aspect of Mike Thompson that makes him so beloved by audiences is his dedication to deputy Liv. There are many times when he overlooks the deputy's master detective skills, but as the show has gone on, Mike has proven himself a more than worthy friend considering he put aside his disbelief in aliens to help Liv investigate Peter Bach's death at the end of the show's second season.


Sahar is proof that not all likable characters are nice characters. She constantly intimidates Harry whenever they are face to face, occasionally berates Max for his stupidity, and can come across as cold due to her maturity.

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Despite all the signs that suggest Sahar to be a jerk, the girl is incredibly charming in her appearances. Her friendship with Max is legitimately cute, and her encounters with adults can sometimes make for some of Resident Alien's funniest moments.

Max Hawthorne

Introduced as an antagonist to Harry, Max's efforts to bring down the alien posing as the town doctor would probably make him an unlikable presence on most shows were it not for the fact that he was a kid (and that Harry was selfish). So it is that the rivalry between the two Resident Alien characters is one of TV's funniest.

Beyond Max's sympathetic goals of trying to protect himself from a strange monster, the character warms himself to audiences due to his friendship with Sahar. He was the only kid in school to stick up for the Muslim girl, and though the two sometimes get into squabbles, their friendship is among the strongest on the show (and serves as proof that Resident Alien has the best friendships on television).

Liv Baker

Though she has trouble speaking up for herself, Deputy Liv Baker is one of the most competent characters on Resident Alien. She possesses a greater detective mind than her superiors, has been shown to stop criminals without effort, and successfully set up Sheriff Mike Thompson on a date with the sheriff of Jessep.

The most endearing thing about Live is her commitment to Sheriff Mike. When Mike finally opens up about losing his partner in DC, Liv comforts him in his state of depression. This, along with her constant need to help others out, is what makes Liv the most beloved person in Patience.

Dan Twelvetrees

Though only a supporting character on Resident Alien, Dan Twelvetrees is the closest thing the show has to a saint. He adopted Asta when she was just a baby, continues to spoil her despite her indifference toward the man, and helps her out in her adventures with Harry.

The greatest thing about Dan is that he is compassionate not just for Asta, but nearly everyone in Patience. It's most evident in his willingness to take D'Arcy in as she's going through rehab, and in his choice to hire Jay after the teen quit her job at the clinic.

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