WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Once Upon A Deadpool.

The post-credits sequence for Once Upon A Deadpool contains a number of scenes - some edited from the original release of Deadpool 2 and some new material unique to the PG-13 cut. The fact that Once Upon A Deadpool has several scenes in its end-credits is hardly surprising given that Deadpool 2 had one of the greatest post-credits sequences ever. There was some question, however, as to whether or not the ending credits would include new material and how heavily the original scenes would be edited.

All the material from the original Deadpool 2 post-credits sequence is here, but edited to be suitable for a PG-13 audience. The sequence in which Deadpool kills the X-Men Origins: Wolverine version of Wade Wilson is heavily trimmed. We also get to see Deadpool kill Ryan Reynolds before he reads the script for 2011's Green Lantern, but this time there is no blood splatter on the script. Otherwise the original post-credits scenes, such as when Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio fix Cable's time-travel device for Deadpool, are completely intact. But those aren't the only scenes in Once Upon A Deadpool's end-credits; there are some new ones as well.

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First Scene: A Reminder That Post-Credits Sequences Exist

Once Upon A Deadpool's first new post-credits scene comes at the end of the closing credits sequence that was drawn in crayon. It's here that Deadpool and Fred Savage have a brief conversation about how much they love post-credit sequences and how they're like private little talks with the filmmakers. This acts as a not particularly subtle hint to those few audience members unfamiliar with the fact that all Marvel Comics-based movies have post-credits sequences that they should stick around, including the Deadpool movies. The first Deadpool movie's end-credits scene teased the sequel's new villain, Cable.

Second Scene: It Really Was Just A Movie

Once Upon A Deadpool's second new post-credits scene comes at the end of the black-and-white text credits. It's here that Fred Savage, who has been bound with duct-tape to a bed for the whole movie, is finally freed. We also find out that he was indeed put into bed without pants, as Savage's lower body is blurred while Deadpool tries to help the actor walk away, his legs apparently having atrophied during the past three days he was tied up. We then pull back to discover, as Savage noted earlier in the film, that they really were on a recreation of the bedroom set from The Princess Bride rather than in some actual tween boy's bedroom and that the filming crew has apparently been aiding Deadpool in kidnapping Fred Savage. Since Once Upon A Deadpool's new scenes were filmed on a single day in August, showing the filming crew is almost a meta-joke since it was all put together so suddenly. That falls in line with what Deadpool is as well.

Third Scene: The Stan Lee Tribute

The most surprising new post-credits scene in Once Upon A Deadpool comes at the very end as the filmmakers pay tribute to legendary comic writer Stan Lee, who passed away in November. A brief montage shows several alternate takes for Lee's cameo during the first Deadpool 2 teaser trailer, including one where he says he thought Deadpool's costume was supposed to be green. The montage goes on to show several pictures of Stan Lee from throughout his career at Marvel Comics, as Lee talks about how he never expected his stories to resonate the way they did, much less inspire feature-length films. Once Upon A Deadpool's Stan Lee tribute ends with a clip of an interview where Lee was asked what he hopes people say about him after he's gone. "He wrote some really good stories," Lee replies.

One wouldn't expect this sort of sentiment from a Deadpool movie. Then again, the only thing one can truly expect of a Deadpool story is the unexpected. It's fitting, then, that just as the original Deadpool 2 surprised audiences with a truly touching story about a broken man finding his heart, Once Upon A Deadpool should find a new way to touch us in the end with a tribute to the man who made it all possible.

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