The 2019 Oscars are right around the corner, but when will cinephiles learn which films are nominated? Here, we'll tell you which dates to circle on your calendars as you start the countdown to Hollywood's biggest night.

To put it frankly, the Academy has not had the best of years. Over the summer, they received widespread criticism for the introduction of a Best Popular Film category, later backtracking on that decision when it was determined it needed further discussion before officially being implemented. More recently, the topic of Oscar host has been a hot button issue. Back in December, Kevin Hart landed the gig, but he stepped down shortly after due to backlash concerning old homophobic tweets and jokes of his. Word is now the Academy plans to proceed host-less, and the show will go on one way or another. Hopefully the conversation changes when the nominations are revealed, which is what we're going to detail here.

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When Are the Oscar Nominations?

Usually, the Academy Award nominations are announced on the second-to-last Tuesday of January. That means this year, they'll be revealed on January 22, 2019. It'll mark the culmination of a three-week process for determining the nominees. Oscar voting opened on January 7 and closes on Monday, January 14. The Academy will take a week to tabulate the results and then set the fields in all 24 categories.

Historically, the announcement takes place early in the morning, starting around 9 am EST/ 6 am PST. Unless the Academy changes their routine for 2019, that should be the case again this year.

Where Can You Watch the Oscar Nominations?

It's quite easy to watch the Oscar nominations live, particularly if you're around any of your electronic devices. The Academy streams the nominations announcement live on the official Oscars website. Of course, Screen Rant will have the full list of nominees up shortly after they're unveiled, so you'll be able to keep track of what was snubbed even if you can't watch it live.

When is the Actual Academy Awards Ceremony?

Last year, the Oscars were held later in the year (taking place on March 4) due to the Winter Olympics. However, in 2019 it's back to the traditional slot of the final Sunday in February. The 91st Academy Awards will be broadcast live on ABC on February 24. The ceremony will begin at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST. This year, the Academy is instituting some changes to revamp the telecast, such as a hard three-hour time limit and relegating some of the technical categories to an edited package that will be shown towards the end of the broadcast. It'll be interesting to see what effect (if any) this has on improving the presentation and viewership ratings.

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