She-Hulk certainly made a smashing first impact on the MCU, breaking down gender stereotypes and calling out toxic Marvel fans left and right. While there were some moments within the series that went a bit array, everything came together by the final episode, making an impact on the fans in a fittingly-meta way.

Even though this show was a short nine episodes long, there were still some quotes from the characters that stood out as ones that perfectly encapsulate the show as a whole.

"Just Remember Whose Show This Actually Is"

Jennifer Walters

One of the running problems through the promotions for the She-Hulk up until the finale was the fact that many of the fans wanted to watch it for the cameo appearances that were teased in the trailers. While these cameo appearances were quite spectacular and added some form of humor to the overall plot, this show, in the end, is and shall forever be, She-Hulk's show.

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It was both quite surprising and warming when Jennifer Walters breaks the fourth wall and states to the fans that this is her show, reminding the public of the obvious, while also calling out fans who were only watching the show for the cameo appearances.

"Whether You Like It Or Not, You’re Now A Superhero."


Unfortunately, Jennifer Walter did not accept that she is a superhero until towards the end of the series when she realized that she could do more good if she operates both in and out of the courtroom. It's a journey that began when Titania filed a lawsuit against Jen; the ground for this lawsuit was that Jennifer was using the name She-Hulk despite the fact that Titania had made a line of cosmetic care labeled and copyrighted as She-Hulk.

In this episode, Jennifer stepping into her name and her identity as She-Huk proves this line that Bruce says at the beginning of the series. Whether she likes it or not, she is a superhero, and that was truly established in this episode when she was not only a superhero in court, but one in real life in future episodes.

"No! A Normal Amount Of Rage!"

Jennifer Walters

One of the most shocking moments in the She-Hulk show was when Bruce Banner finds out that Jennifer does not turn into a raging green monster like himself, but rather a taller, stronger, more green version of herself. All of her character components stay the same, and that is vital to this plot.

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That being said, her having a "normal amount of rage" ultimately builds She-Hulk as a character throughout the series and establishes her as a character throughout the show.

"Being A Hulk Asks For Balance"


The episode that truly sets the stage for She-Hulk moving forward in the series is episode 1, when both Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters establish the terms of a Hulk. Throughout the episode, Bruce attempts to define the Hulk within the confines of his limitations and his advancement.

The theme of balance often reoccurs throughout the episodes, teasing the reality that Jennifer Walters does not accept her two halves as Jennifer and She-Hulk. Eventually, Jennifer does find her own balance, finally stepping into her role and fulfilling an aspect of the terms Bruce set upon the Hulk state.

"I Really Like This Outfit"


A running theme and joke within the She-Hulk series is the fact that Nikki, Jennifer's best friend, is opposed to almost every one of Jennifer Walter's outfits. This is because she must balance both her life as Jennifer and as She-Hulk, so, naturally, it is difficult to find clothing to fit both sides.

When She-Hulk finally starts owning her style, Nikki takes notice. While this might seem like a minute detail, this small acknowledgment demonstrates to the fans that Jennifer is slowly starting to step into her role and capacity as both She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters.

"I Just Want To Be A Normal, Anonymous, Lawyer."

Jennifer Walters

This line perfectly encapsulates the show as this line is a complete contradiction of the person whom Jennifer Walters turns out to be by the end of the series. By the end of the series, Jennifer Walters is not only a very public lawyer but she has been outed by an agency and forced to appear publicly as She-Hulk when defending her clients.

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At the start of the series, it can be gauntleted that Jennifer Walters did not expect her life to turn out this way, so with that in mind, this line showcases where Jennifer Walters started and foreshadows what was to come later on.

"Those Are The Baseline Of Any Woman Just Existing."

Jennifer Walter

Jennifer Walters is known to be one of the strongest heroes both physically and mentally. This was exemplified in the early scenes when She-Hulk demonstrated her ability to control her emotions and manage the Hulk within her.

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This management was based on the fact that Jennifer Walters, like any other woman, controls their anger on a near-daily basis because if they do not, they might suffer the consequences that come with being a woman. For this reason, it is fitting that Jen says this line as it not only showcases the feminism within her but the reason why she is able to control her Hulk.

"I’m Great At Controlling My Anger."

Jennifer Walters

This line showcased a moment when Jennifer Walters not only shows Hulk that her abilities are under control but proves that the mere existence and survival of a woman rests on controlling one's anger.

For this reason, this line demonstrates to the fans why She-Hulk is able to control her anger and why she is able to hold onto her bearings throughout the entire series up until the end. From misogynistic clients to being catcalled, Jennifer deals with it all, and she does it without losing her temper, which is a major aspect of her character.

"Is This Working For You?"

Jennifer Walters

In the final episode of She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters has one of the most extreme fourth wall breaks Marvel has seen to date. Not only does she address the audience, but she breaks into the Marvel Disney+ homepage in order to talk to the makers of the She-Hulk show to modify her ending.

This quote truly embodied the show because it was at this moment that Jennifer knew she didn't want the stereotypical ending fight scene given to all Marvel projects, but instead she wanted justice. She wanted this show to be a complete embodiment of her personality rather than what Marvel may have a set agenda, and that is exactly what she and the fans received.

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