Jennifer Lawrence's new spy thriller Red Sparrow is a big, intense viewing experience and, at 140 minutes long, boasts quite a hefty runtime. Should you stick around those extra minutes for an end-credits scene teasing the future?

One thing that's certain about this murky film built on mystery is that there could be more of Lawrence's Dominika. Red Sparrow is based on the book of the same name, which is the first of a trilogy of espionage novels. Although Lawrence's film diverges from the source in many ways - not only plot-wise, but several storytelling tricks such as a recipe at the start of each chapter are removed - it is expected that, should the film be successful, it will spawn a franchise.

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However, if you were hoping to get a taste of that future, don't expect it after the credits: Red Sparrow does not have a post-credits scene. There is a beautiful piece of music playing which is as always worth sticking around for, but don't expect any more action after the many names.

Red Sparrow's ending is rather tight, seeing the central mystery of the mole in the Russian intelligence agency resolved and Dominika setting up a new life. However, the chess pieces definitely feel like they could allow for more drama down the line.

Will There Be A Red Sparrow 2?

Regardless of the lack of stinger, audiences will be curious about the potential of a Red Sparrow 2. Indeed, Fox definitely had franchise hopes; the rights deal with author Jason Matthews involved a contract to write the sequel novel, meaning the trilogy was done with the knowledge a film was on the way.

However, the question of whether a sequel will actually happen is currently up in the air. It's not something anyone involved with the project has spoken openly about, and there are a few causes for concern: the reviews have been mostly mixed, with praise for the movie's acting and style if not storytelling, and it looks likely that Red Sparrow will be beaten at the box office by Black Panther, now on its third weekend.

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