When Sense8 was cancelled by Netflix after two seasons, it looked like fans of the show were never going to get the ending and answers they wanted. However, after a month of fans rallying behind the show and creating online petitions, Netflix announced that there would be a two-hour standalone finale for the show, giving the characters and fans closure. This series finale is set to be released on June 8, helmed by the Wachowski sisters.

Sense8 tells the story of a sensate cluster, eight people who are mentally and emotionally linked to one another. In the first season, the sensates discover that they are connected, which allows them to share experiences, knowledge, and skills with each other. In the second season, the sensates work together to help avoid capture by a shadowy organization called BPO. The series finale should pick up from Season 2's cliffhanger ending and provide a vivid and heartfelt resolution.

  • Release Date: June 8, 2018
  • Cast: Jamie Clayton, Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Max Riemelt, Brian J. Smith, Bae Doona, Tuppence Middleton, Tina Desai, Toby Onwumere, Freema Agyeman, Terrence Mann
  • Showrunners: Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, J. Michael Straczynski

The Sense8 Are All Back

The main ensemble of Sense8 comprises of the eight members of a single cluster. The main cast from season two is expected to return in the finale, including:

  • Jamie Clayton as Nomi Marks, a hacktivist from San Francisco
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Lito Rodriguez, an actor from Mexico City
  • Max Riemelt as Wolfgang Bogdanow, a safecracker from Berlin
  • Brian J. Smith as Will Gorski, a police officer from Chicago
  • Bae Doona as Sun Bak, a business woman turned fugitive from Seoul
  • Tuppence Middleton as Riley Blue, an Icelandic DJ based in London
  • Tina Desai as Kala Dandekar, a pharmacist from Mumbai
  • Toby Onwumere as Capheus Onyango, a bus driver from Nairobi. The role of Capheus was played by Aml Ameen in Season 1, but the role was recast due to creative differences in Season 2.

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Other Returning Sense8 Cast

Many of the friends and partners of the sensate will also be returning in the finale. Freema Agyeman, who plays Nomi Marks' girlfriend, Amanita Caplan, is set to return, along with Michael X. Sommers as their friend Bug. Alfonso Herrera and Eréndira Ibarra will play Lito's boyfriend Hernando Fuentes and friend Daniela Velasquez respectively. Purab Kohli will return as Rajan Rasal, Kala's husband, and Maximilian Mauff will return as Wolfgang's friend Felix. Capheus' romantic interest Zakia (portrayed by Mumbi Maina) and Sun's romantic interest Detective Mun (portrayed by Sukku Son) will also return.

Some sensate from other clusters will be returning, including Angelica (played by Daryl Hannah), Jonas (played by Naveen Andrews), and the Scottish Old Man of Hoy (played by Sylvester McCoy). Terrence Mann, who has played the major antagonist "Whispers", will also return for the final episode.

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Sense8's Cancellation and Revival Explained

Sense8 was initially cancelled by Netflix, which was met with immediate and passionate backlash from the show's fans. At first, Netflix claimed it would not renew the show, but eventually the studio announced that there would be a two-hour finale to the series. Co-showrunner Lana Wachowski wrote a letter to announce the finale, writing a letter to fans:

But just as the characters in our show discover that they are not alone, I too have learned that I am not just a me. I am also a we... Improbably, unforeseeably, your love has brought Sense8 back to life.

Fans of Sense8 continue to campaign for a third season, but at this time, it seems likely that the series finale will be the last hurrah for the sensates. The Wachowski sisters seem open to continuing with the show, but other than the adult website xHamster, no content providers have expressed interest in the show.

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Sense8's Story So Far

In Season 1, the sensates discover their mysterious connection on their twenty-seventh birthday; each one of the members of the cluster were born on August 8th. The first season focuses on the effects of their connections, as the eight try to navigate and understand their shared experience. Kala and Wolfgang grow close, even though Kala plans to marry Rajan and Wolfgang continues to become entangled in the Berlin crime underground. With Sun's martial arts abilities, Capheus is able to fight off bandits, earning him a job as a protector for a gangster named Kabaka. Sun is arrested for embezzlement and then is accused of murdering her father (both crimes that her brother committed). Lito, a closeted actor in Mexico City, attempts to hide his relationship with his boyfriend.

The sensates must also avoid detection of Dr. Metzger and a man known as Whispers, who can form a psychic connection with sensates through eye contact. Nomi and her girlfriend Amanita end up on the run after Dr. Metzger attempts to lobotomize Nomi. Later, they learn that both Metzger and Whispers work for the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) who attempt to capture and kill sensate clusters. Will and Riley grow closer and begin a romantic relationship while both on the run from BPO.

The first season ends with all of the sensates working together to save Riley from Whispers. Unfortunately, Will makes eye contact with Whispers, meaning that Whispers can see Will's thoughts. Riley ensures that Will is unconscious so that Whispers cannot find the rest of their cluster.

In Season 2, Will must stay on heroin in order to stop Whispers from entering his mind. The cluster now works to fight back against BPO and Whispers. They learn that they are a variation of human called the Homo sensorium. The cluster also helps Sun escape from prison after her brother sends assassins to kill her. Wolfgang and Kala plan to meet in Paris, but Whispers apprehends Wolfgang and is able to extract Kala's identity by experimenting on him. In the final moments of the season, the cluster, along with Amanita, begin a rescue operation to save Wolfgang and kidnap Whispers and Jonas.

Sense8's Finale Story

Based on the information provided by the trailer, as well as Lana Wachowski's letter to fans after the show was saved, the series finale will focus on the seven other members of the cluster trying to save Wolfgang from the villainous Whispers and BPO. Presumably, the finale will pick up where the final episode left off.

Additionally, the trailer and other promotional videos show that a number of supporting characters will appear in the series finale, including the friends and partners of many of the sensates. It appears that the finale will be an opportunity for the different people around the globe to come together in the same place, after previously appearing in isolated stories.

Sense8's Creative Team Remains The Same

Sense8 showrunners Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski worked together to develop the concept for the show, as well as writing and directing most of the episodes. After Lilly Wachowski came out as a trans woman, she took time off from the show in Season 2. The series finale was directed by Lana Wachowski, who wrote it along with David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon.

Sense8's Finale Release Date

The series finale of Sense8 will come to Netflix on Friday, June 8th. Netflix officially announced the release date on their social media platforms in late April. Like almost all Netflix releases, it's expected to release at midnight PST/3am EST/8am BST.

The Sense8 Finale Trailer

The Sense8 trailer was released on May 17th. The trailer and other promotional videos have confirmed that a number of different supporting characters will be returning in the finale. The trailer also teases that the sensates will go on one last mission together, presumably to save Wolfgang.

The Sense8 Finale Poster

Netflix released the official poster for the Sense8 series finale along with its release date, putting focus on the core cast at how this will be the true end of the series.

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