The weird world of Venom and Morbius is set to finally get a true hero as Sony recently announced their newest project, Silk: Spider Society. It will be the first of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe’s live-action series, being distributed on Prime Video.

Cindy Moon AKA Silk is a relatively new character in the comics, but since her introduction in 2014, she’s become a prevalent hero and member of the Spider-Army. Interestingly, Cindy Moon has appeared in the MCU as one of Peter Parker’s classmates in Spider-Man: Homecoming, played by Tiffany Epensen – though there is no official word if she will play Silk in the SSU, or if they’ll recast. Silk is also set to appear in an upcoming Spider-Verse film, so she is quickly going to become a pretty well-known character to casual audiences unaware of her stories in the comics. As for Silk: Spider Society, the burden of expanding the scope of the SSU won’t be on her shoulders alone, and these characters, whether previous introductions or fellow newcomers, can also come into play.

10 The Moon Family

The premise of Silk: Spider Society follows Silk’s early days in the comics as she escapes from a facility to find her missing family. As such, her parents, Albert and Nari Moon, will have to feature. Cindy’s powers hail from the same spider that bit Peter Parker, but when her powers manifested, she was sent away to a bunker by her parents while they searched for a cure.

Cindy’s brother, Albert Jr., is a special case, as he became estranged from his family following her being sent away. Interestingly they only reunite in the final moments of her arc during Secret Wars as the Multiverse succumbs to incursions. While the MCU is heading down that path, Silk: Spider Society will be different, but it could still have her trying to search out her lost brother.

9 Ezekiel Sims

Cindy’s parents leave her in the care of a man named Ezekiel Sims. For a time, she is trained by him to understand and control her newfound abilities, but eventually, the bunker becomes her prison. Given the premise of the series and his role in her life, it seems like a safe bet for Ezekiel to appear in Silk: Spider Society.

Importantly, he is part of the Spider Society in the comics, using his own company, WebCorps, as a front for the secret organization that protects and deifies the multiversal Spider Totems, to which Silk is connected. He also has his own spider-like powers, gaining them through a mystical ritual.

8 Fang

There’s no shortage of popular villains who could work well in Silk: Spider Society, but the perfect fit for the TV show might actually be someone far less prolific. Tamara Pearson is part of the Spider Society with Ezekiel Sims, and upon his death, she inherits his fortune and leads her own splinter group to hunt down Silk.

She isn’t powered like Ezekiel and Silk, but she covets their power, even going so far as to work with Cindy’s father to try and trick Cindy with a cure that would transfer her power to Tamara. If they take the care to expand on her motivations and relationships, Fang could be the main antagonist for an intimate first season.

7 Hector Cervantez

Another character linked to Cindy’s backstory before she becomes Silk is Hector Cervantez. He is her ex-boyfriend from before her powers manifested, but they broke up as they were going to different colleges. He wasn’t aware of her imprisonment and tragically died years later.

However, in death he finds new life as a corporeal ghost, joining Silk as the hero, Spectro. While that’s the case, that is probably a story element Silk: Spider Society won’t go down, as it might seem too out of left field without the proper foundations in the SSU. However, he could still have a role to play in the show, especially if they want to give her a love interest.

6 Madame Web & Spider-Women

While characters like Kraven and Venom aren’t likely to crossover from the film to the televised side of the SSU, that might not be the case for Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web. Of course, that is all dependent on the end results of Madame Web, which is premiering in February 2024 and will most likely predate Silk: Spider Society. As such, Silk could even debut in Madame Web.

Madame Web is a clairvoyant who can presumably see across the Multiverse and could serve as a mentor to Silk and/or the Nick Fury character of the SSU. Based on the cast of Madame Web, she is already seemingly creating her own team with people like Sydney Sweeney, Isabela Merced, and Emma Roberts. Theories say they could be playing various Spider-Girls or Spider-Women from Anya Corazon to Mattie Franklin, so they could also feature in Silk: Spider-Society to recruit her.

5 Black Cat

With the news of Silk: Spider Society came word that other SSU TV shows are in development, and if there is one character deserving of her own, it’s Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat. She is one of Spider-Man’s greatest allies and adversaries, the epitome of a Marvel anti-hero who would be a welcome sight in live-action. She would also be a worthy inclusion in Silk: Spider Society.

Like Spider-Man, Silk and Black Cat have both worked together and fought against each other, so she could function equally as a secondary antagonist or ally in Silk: Spider Society.

4 Chameleon

Another cool option for a villain who could appear in Silk: Spider Society is Chameleon. He’s already set to debut in Kraven the Hunter next year, so this would be a cool follow-up. Here he could feature as a villain and antagonist, using his disguising talents to add a haunting element of intrigue to the series.

Interestingly, Chameleon is actually the first villain Spider-Man ever faced in the comics, debuting with him in 1963. He is still relatively obscure to casual fans, but giving him his due attention in Kraven the Hunter and then Silk: Spider Society could rectify that.

3 Sisterhood Of The Wasp

The Spider Society is an ancient organization dating back to the Dark Ages, protecting and maintaining peace from the shadows. Over the centuries, a splinter group seceded from the Spider Society, the Sisterhood of the Wasps. They employed far more dangerous and lethal means to achieve their goals. As such, they could be incorporated into Silk: Spider Society as additional antagonists.

Intriguingly, if show delves into the lore, history, and function of the Spider Society, it might draw from Anya Corazon’s story in the comics, as she becomes a Hunter for the organization. This could entail Silk adopting that storyline, and thus the responsibility to oppose the Sisterhood of the Wasp.

2 Inheritors

It is later revealed that Silk was locked away by Ezekiel Sims to protect her from Morlun, one of the Inheritors. They are a clan of multiversal vampires, but unlike Dracula, they do not subsist on blood, but rather the energy of Spider Totems, which means characters like Spider-Man and Silk are on their diet. If this is the narrative the SSU is heading to then the Inheritors might be part of Silk: Spider Society.

Morlun is their leader and their most powerful, and given his role in the Spider-Verse storyline in the comics, he could eventually appear in a future Spider-Verse film. If they’d want to go with a different Inheritor for Silk: Spider Society, Karn could be a good option as he is the family’s black sheep, and he eventually becomes a more important character down the line.

1 Mr. Negative

Spider-Man has great adversaries worthy of a shot in live-action, whether in the MCU or the SSU, including Mr. Negative. He would be a cool and unexpected addition to Silk: Spider Society as an antagonist, allowing for both hero and villain to shine in lights unique to their lives in the comics.

His inclusion would be quite interesting to watch, from the visual effects that come with his special powers to his internal dichotomy of his good and evil personalities.

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