Warner Bros. and DC need to find a way to appease fans clamoring for a Snyder Cut of Justice League. Since the release of Justice League over a year ago, when fans first saw the extent of the changes the movie had gone through after Joss Whedon took over production from Zack Snyder, the movement to "Release the Snyder Cut" has made itself known on social media and in the real world.

We know Zack Snyder completed 100% of principal photography, getting all the footage he needed for his cut of the movie, and made it well into post-production before leaving the project, so it is possible to get the movie finished for a release, mostly by finishing VFX. The only problem is, Justice League wasn't very successful, and Snyder's other DCEU entries were also divisive, so WB isn't in a rush to release an alternate version of the movie. In fact, there are currently no plans to release it at all.

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The "Release the Snyder Cut" campaign isn't going to fade away any time soon, and Warner Bros. will eventually have to find a way to appease them. Here are a few of the ways they can do that.

Release Chris Terrio's Original Justice League Screenplay

One of the biggest drivers for those that want the Snyder Cut is the lack of closure. Man of Steel and especially Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were building toward a number of payoffs that simply never came in Justice League. This has led fans on a year-long quest to find the true story of Justice League uncovering evidence of numerous story changes in the process.

If Warner Bros. were to simply release the original Chris Terrio screenplay, fans could simply scratch the itch to find out what Justice League's true original story would have been. Combined with production photos and storyboards and other script notes from Snyder, the book would be a great resource for anyone looking to understand Snyder's original vision. It also doesn't replace the potential of the actual cut, but could, in fact, be seen as a supplement for when the cut eventually does come.

Create a Graphic Novel With Snyder's Original Justice League Story

Zack Snyder meticulously storyboards all his movies ahead of time, then has those storyboards bound into a leather book for a shelf in his office when it's all said and done. On their own, they may not be quite as digestible as a graphic novel, but so much of the work is already done, so it wouldn't be outrageous for DC to turn those storyboards into a proper graphic novel version of Snyder's original Justice League plan.

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With Snyder's famous cinematic visuals, the project could translate very well to graphic novel format, not only providing fans with answers about the movie's original plot, but also demonstrating the visual spectacle Snyder had in mind before he left the project. Depending on the desired look, Snyder's minimalist storyboards could simply be fleshed out and colored, or he could be paired with a comic-book artist. In fact, Snyder just gave DC Co-publisher Jim Lee, who inherited Geoff Johns' vacated chief creative officer responsibilities, a major shout-out on the Vero social network. Lee's art style might match Snyder's aesthetic more than any other artist, so a Zack Snyder written, Jim Lee drawn book featuring the story of the Snyder Cut would conceivably be a big draw, even attracting readers who haven't campaigned for the Snyder Cut.

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Release the Snyder Cut as an Animated Adaptation

Taking things up a notch from the graphic novel, the Snyder Cut could also be attempted as an animated movie. Since Snyder got all the footage he needed and completed at least some ADR, it's even possible that existing audio could be used for the voices, cutting down significantly on cost.

In fact, frequent Snyder collaborator and Justice League storyboard artist Jay Oliva has already worked extensively with Warner Bros. Animation on a number of projects, including The Dark Knight Returns and Justice League: War, which is similar to what Justice League was supposed to be.

If Snyder didn't actually direct the animated feature (although he could, he's done animation in the past with Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole), Oliva is more than equipped to see this one past the finish line.

Release The Snyder Cut (Light)

When it comes to actually releasing an alternate cut of Justice League, the most practical solution might also be the solution most likely to draw the ire of Snyder fans. The biggest obstacle to a true Snyder Cut is the expense of finishing incomplete VFX. Snyder got all the footage he needed in principal photography and finished VFX on a few scenes, so simply settling for what's available between the theatrical cut and unused Snyder footage to reach a compromise between the two visions could be the quickest way to reach approval.

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The two versions clearly don't fit seamlessly together, as evidenced by the Frankenstein's monster that is the theatrical cut, but removing some of the tonally dissonant Whedon additions, adding back in the completed Snyder scenes, and leaning on the theatrical version's VFX heavy scenes could bring about a sort of "Snyder Cut Light." Whatever minimal budget is available could be spent smoothing out the wrinkles instead of finishing VFX.

Surely this "impure" version of Snyder's vision would be rejected by many fans, but if the project was Snyder endorsed and he personally oversaw the edit, it just might be the most practical solution.

Release the Actual Snyder Cut

The one fans want the most, but also the biggest ask, Warner Bros. should complete, release, and distribute the actual Snyder Cut. Ultimately, this is the only option that is sure to completely satisfy all fans. While the previous examples would certainly be appreciated, and possibly appease some fans, the more committed members of the group aren't about to be swayed.

Unfortunately, this is the most costly and risky solution for Warner Bros. as well. The cost to complete the movie is far more than the cost of other options, and the prospect of getting a return on that cost doesn't inspire confidence after Justice League already flopped once at the box office.

Of course, none of these measures are mutually exclusive. In fact, releasing the script or a graphic novel, if well received, could be a great way for Warner Bros. and DC to test the waters and gauge demand for a theatrical and/or home release of The Snyder Cut. But one thing is for certain, fans aren't about to stop asking for it any time soon, so something will have to happen eventually.

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