Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Solo: A Star Wars Story


Solo: A Star Wars Story's antagonist Enfys Nest at first seems like just another criminal gang leader looking to make money the dishonest way, but she may actually be the most important new character introduced in the movie. Of course, that isn't too difficult given that almost all of the original characters introduced in Solo are killed off by the time the credits roll.

Enfys Nest is the leader of a band of pirates called the Cloud Riders, who have been plaguing crime lord Dreiden Vos. Han first encounters them during his first mission with Tobias Beckett and his crew, who are trying to steal a massive shipment of Coaxium (extremely valuable hyperfuel) for Vos. The operation goes smoothly until Beckett and co. are attacked by Enfys, whose Cloud Riders wrestle for control of the Coaxium shipment and ultimately force Han to drop the cargo, so that it smashes into the side of a mountain and explodes.

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Vos threatens to kill Han and Beckett if they fail him again, so the pair put together a new crew and go after another supply of Coaxium - this time unrefined, and therefore much more dangerous. Han brings the Coaxium to the planet of Savareen to be refined, but finds Enfys Nest waiting for him there. This time, however, the pirate leader removes her fearsome helmet to reveal that she's actually a teenage girl (played by Erin Kellyman), and her Cloud Riders represent the seeds of the Rebellion. Since Vos is supplying hyperfuel to the Empire, and thereby facilitating its aggressive domination of the galaxy, Han and Beckett are really working for the bad guys.

Given that Enfys Nest is the focus of a third-act twist, it now makes sense that we didn't learn a lot about the character in Solo's marketing. There was some intrigue when a French magazine referred to the character using female pronouns, but officially licensed magazine Star Wars Insider referred to Enfys as male - apparently an effort to keep the twist secret. More interesting than Enfys' gender, however, is the fact that a Star Wars News Network source said in April that the actor behind the mask is signed on for two more movies. That means we could see Enfys Nest again in the upcoming Boba Fett movie, or another one of Disney's spin-off films.

Enfys' crew may also offer some clues as to her future in the franchise. Warwick Davis reprises his role as Weazel, an arms dealer who appeared in The Phantom Menace, and the Cloud Riders also appears to include Benthic Two-Tubes, a Tognathian who was part of Saw Gerrera's crew in Rogue One. Solo has plenty of potential set-up for a sequel, with Qi'ra taking control of Crimson Dawn and several oblique references to Jabba the Hutt, but Enfys represents the movie's strongest link to the Rebellion.

She may simply continue to play a supporting role in spinoffs based around other Original Trilogy characters, but we wouldn't be too surprised if Disney announced that Enfys Nest and the Cloud Riders were getting their own anthology film. It would certainly be a good opportunity to bring back some of the characters who died in Rogue One, like Forest Whitaker's Saw Gerrera, and perhaps even bring other characters from Star Wars Rebels to the big screen.

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