Solo: A Star Wars Story will present a Millennium Falcon rather different to the ship seen in Han Solo's possession in the original trilogy, and the new trailer has revealed yet another change. So far, the most visible difference is the filling in of forward mandibles, extending the ship; this has been neatly explained in the merchandise, with the mandibles locking around a storage pod, but there's a lot more to it than just that.

According to Lucasfilm, the Falcon in Solo is "the closest we’ve ever seen to what a brand new or well-taken care of version of a Corellian freighter would look." Essentially, Lucasfilm is suggesting Lando has restored the Falcon to something close to the factory settings (otherwise the new design creates a strange plot hole). That makes sense; the Falcon was Lando's pride and joy, and he's a wealthy businessman. While he's surely still be using the YT-1300 as a freighter, he'd also be wanting to show her off.

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The second Solo trailer has revealed another difference between the Falcon of Solo and what's seen later. When the engines ignite, there appears to be a moving shield around the exhaust vents at the back. It's another structural change, albeit a minor one, and further shows just how much a "piece of junk" the ship was by the time of A New Hope. In both the original and sequel trilogy, the back-end of the Falcon has been shown as static, with the engines covered by an overhang - but not one that moves. This would then appear to be yet another aspect of the Falcon that has been removed - either intentionally or by accident - as it passed hands from Lando to Han.

The purpose of engine shields is pretty simple; to protect the exhaust. Why they're here is unclear, although considering the film will take us to deserts and the spice mines of Kessel, there's sure to be plenty of dust that could damage even a state-of-the-art ship.

Why Would You Get Rid Of These Shields?

Han may love his Falcon, but he lacks Lando's suave charm; Han's way of dealing with a problem is either to cut and run, or to shoot (often first). That's why a number of Han's modifications to the Falcon appear to have involved improving the ship's speed and armaments. Anything that slows takeoff has the potential to bring Han's career to an untimely end, meaning these shields wouldn't be a priority for the smuggler. Of course, if they do serve a practical purpose, this could also be a sly way of explaining why the ship is in such bad shape for most of the originals.

Although this may not be an intentional change. One of the other exterior alterations is a lot of the paneling across the ship - seen clearly with the white and blue color scheme - which based on the way they bulk up the Falcon will likely be knocked off (this was teased by the Hasbro toy). Whatever causes this, it may have a similar impact on the engine shields.

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While some of the changes to the Falcon in Solo are more dramatic, this is a subtle one. However, it could be very revealing - either about the attitude of the pilot or the events of his upcoming movie.

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