At the end of Solo: A Star Wars Story, the future is wide open for Han Solo and Chewbacca - does Lucasfilm tease a much-anticipated sequel with an after-credits scene? A young Han Solo movie has been on the Sabacc cards since before Disney bought Lucasfilm, and it's becoming apparent that it won't end with just one film. The core cast - including Alden Ehrenreich - are all signed on for three films, and based on the way the movie wraps up, a lot more needs to happen.

That Solo exists at all is something of a minor miracle. Directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller were fired midway through production and replaced by Ron Howard, who then had ten-months to turn the project around. Amazingly, he did it, with Solo earning strong - if not quite the same level as other Disney-era releases- reviews.

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If you're needing to rush out of the theater faster than Rebels from the Hoth base, then fret not: Solo: A Star Wars Story does not have an after-credits scene. Once the Millennium Falcon makes its final jump into hyperspace and Ron Howard's director credit comes up on screen, the story is well and truly over.

That said, there are some strong reasons to stick around through the credits. The first is that there's a touching dedication in memory of Allison Shearmur, a producer on Solo, Rogue One, The Hunger Games and more, who died on January 19, 2018. This is the second consecutive Star Wars film to have a dedication after Star Wars: The Last Jedi bowed the head to the late Carrie Fisher. The other reason is the music. Solo's main score is composed by John Powell who, like Michael Giacchino on Rogue One before him, advances beyond the baseline set by John Williams in a fitting way, and a collection of themes can be heard over the credits. And, of course, there's Williams' own new suite, "The Adventures of Han", which can be best heard over the scroll.

It shouldn't be too surprising there's no Marvel-esque treat waiting at the end of the credits. Aside from The Phantom Menace, which included some ominous audio of Vader's breathing after the music had stopped, no Star Wars film has ever used a post-credits stinger to either round off a story or tease the future, and although the anthology movies are certainly their own thing - Solo even has a new variant on the opening crawl - this may have been one step too far.

There is still a future for Solo: A Star Wars Story to tease, however. The movie ends with many of Han and Chewbacca's biggest and most dangerous adventures ahead of them, and there are some major (and shocking) plot threads still dangling that need resolving. Whether this is done in a proper sequel, a tangential spinoff or other Star Wars material remains to be seen, but if Solo's box office is anything to go by, we may be in for another Star Wars sub-franchise.

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