Which versions of Spider-Man could appear in sony's animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse animated movie? The star of the show is Miles Morales himself, voiced by Shameik Moore. The latest trailer has also confirmed that Jake Johnson is playing Peter Parker, Miles's mentor, while Hailee Steinfeld is "the spunky, free-spirited" Spider-Gwen. But with a title like "Into the Spider-Verse", it's safe to say this movie will reveal a lot more than three alternate-dimension versions of the wondrous wall-crawler.

In the comics, Spider-Verse was a 2014 event that saw every alternate-reality version of Spider-Man ever, united in battle against the inter-dimensional threat of the Inheritors. It was also a perfect opportunity for Marvel to get creative, with writers and artists launching brand new versions of the wall-crawler. Probably the most famous of these is Spider-Gwen, created by Robbie Rodriguez and Jason Latour for a one-off, who proved popular enough to launch her own spinoff. Several of these heroes have even earned their own Marvel Legends action figures, with more on the way.

The scale of the event has fans asking which versions of Spider-Man could actually appear in Into the Spider-Verse? According to the trailer, we'll find out at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. But in the meantime, here are some of the best alternate-reality wall-crawlers we'd love to see appear in the film.

Spider-Man 2099

Let's start with one of the classic alternate versions of the wall-crawler - Spider-Man 2099. In 1992, Marvel Comics launched the 2099 imprint. Set in a dystopian future where corporations ruled the world, the 2099 imprint launched a new "Heroic Age" as new superheroes appeared, each inspired by the legends of the past. The most popular of these was a character created by Peter David and Rick Leonardi, Spider-Man 2099. Miguel O'Hara was a geneticist who worked for the corrupt corporation of Alchemax. When O'Hara's bosses gave him a dose of an addictive drug in order to make him more compliant, O'Hara attempted to use genetic editing to remove the addiction. Unfortunately, an act of corporate sabotage during the process led to Miguel's DNA being rewritten, and he became "50% spider."

Spider-Man 2099 was easily the most successful hero of the entire range, and the character has a long and prestigious history in Marvel Comics; he became a member of the reality-jumping Exiles, and most recently settled in the present day for a while, attempting to save the life of his lover.

Mayday Parker, Spider-Girl

Another classic alternate-reality spider is Mayday Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Girl. Mayday was created by Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz in 1998 for a What Ifone-shot, and proved so popular an idea that Marvel launched what they intended to be a 12-issue miniseries. The book gained a small but committed fanbase and ultimately became a record-holder as Marvel's longest-running comic with a female lead.

This version of Spider-Girl exists in a future timeline where Peter and Mary-Jane married and had a daughter. Her personality is a carefully-cultivated blend of her parents', and over the course of Mayday's 100+ issue run, Marvel developed her timeline and even launched spinoff books such as A-Next to explore the future of other heroes in this timeline.

Mayday is one of the most popular alt-reality Spider-Man characters of all, and it would be a real shame not to see her in the animated film. She's also fairly unique in the Spider-Verse, in that Mayday operates as part of a family unit - and has a little brother, too!


He may not be one of the most famous Spider-Men, but Spider-UK is crucial. Created by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez for the Spider-Verse event in the comics, Spider-UK is a version of the wall-crawler who joined up with the inter-dimensional Captain Britain Corps. As such, his experience and understanding of trans-dimensional travel proved crucial to establish the story's core concept. That same knowledge of dimensional travel means he could well be an important figure in Into the Spider-Verse.

If Sony do choose to include Spider-UK, though, they'll have to redesign him slightly. That character is tied to the Captain Britain Corps, and Sony don't actually have the film rights to that!


Now let's go to one of the wackiest Spider-Men of all time, Tom DeFalco and Lance Armstrong's Spider-Ham! No, the idea of a "spider-pig" isn't unique to The Simpsons Movie. Spider-Ham lives in an anthropomorphized cartoon-like universe, and does battle with villains like Ducktor Doom and Doctor Octopussy. Created back in 1983, he's starred in enough spinoffs and mini-adventures to develop a full world of animal-like heroes such as Hulk-Bunny, Deerdevil, and the Goose Rider. Spider-Ham himself is actually a mutated pig, obviously.

Everybody was quite amused when Dan Slott decided to integrate Spider-Ham into the Spider-Verse event back in 2014, but to be fair that story did promise to include "every Spider-Man, ever!" Spider-Ham proved to be one of the standout characters, and Marvel even considered launching a Spider-Ham comic. The unexpected popularity of Spider-Gwen meant the publisher pivoted away from that book, but there have been constant references to Spider-Ham since.

With Phil Lord and Chris Miller involved, Into the Spider-Verse is sure to have a pretty zany sense of humor. The animated medium would be perfect for introducing Spider-Ham; as the comics proved, few scenes are more effective for the character than seeing heroes doing a double-take at the appearance of a talking pig!

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Another one of the breakout characters from Spider-Verse, the Anarchic Spider-Punk is a teenage squatter named Hobie Brown who was bitten by a radioactive spider. He lives in a reality ruled by the fascist President Osborn, and became a leading revolutionary hero, striving to overthrow "the man." Marvel actually rooted the story in the politics of the time, with one scene showing Norman Osborn spouting the line, "Make America great again."

Spider-Punk is a tremendously popular character, not least for the thrilling design. The traditional Spider-Man outfit has been heavily tweaked, with a leather jacket, boots, and even punk-like spikes added to the mask. They may be impractical, but they give Spider-Punk a tremendous, edgy look. The hero is also well-known for his trademark guitar, which he even tends to bring to battle!

Spider-Man Noir

Marvel launched the Noir imprint in 2009, a selection of miniseries that combined classic characters such as Spider-Man and the X-Men with film noir and pulp fiction. One of the standouts of the Marvel Noir range was Spider-Man Noir, a socialist rabble-rouser who was determined to overthrow the corrupt state. He faced against sinister, dark versions of the webhead's classic enemies; one particularly horrific adaptation was the Vulture, one of the Goblin's enforcers, a Geek who acquired a taste for human flesh. The Vulture was actually the man responsible for killing Peter's Uncle Ben.

Spider-Man Noir wears a trademark pitch-black costume, and is well-known for his love of dual pistols. One of the most stylized Spider-Men to date, he's the perfect character to adapt into the animated film.

Lady Spider

Although Lady Spider is less famous than some of the other names in this list, she's one of the more fascinating. She's essentially what you get when you cross Spider-Man with Steampunk; a British aristocrat, Lady May Reilly felt trapped within the gilded cage of the aristocracy, so used her genius to create web-shooters and mechanical legs. Her origin story saw Lady Spider facing off against her dimension's version of the Sinister Six; shortly after, she wound up caught in the web of Spider-Verse, and formed an alliance with Spider-Man 2099. Writer Peter David was clearly fascinated by Lady Spider's reality, and his Spider-Verse tie-in stories saw Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider revisit her dimension.

Again, what makes this world ideal for an animated movie is the sheer quality of the concept. A Steampunk universe would work perfectly with the style of Into the Spider-Verse, making this character a must for the film.

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