The Midnight Club has been streaming on Netflix for only a couple of days, but it already has plenty of people talking about it, especially on Reddit. So far, reactions to the show have been very mixed, but there are some opinions that are definitely more unpopular than others.

The fourth installment of Mike Flanagan's Netflix horror shows deal with a group of terminally ill teenagers who find solace in each other and like to get together at night to tell scary stories. Although the show contains some of Flanagan's signature, some of it diverts from what the fans are used to seeing from this producer, and people are having a lot to say about it.

The Show Contains Too Much Teen Drama

Most of the audience is used to Mike Flanagan's works revolving around adults, so it makes sense that a show about a group of teenagers is not what they were expecting. Redditor redbullrebel comments that "there is way too much teen drama" in the TV show, and they don't like it.

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However, the show is far from being a typical teenage drama since this particular group of young people are facing something most people don't experience at such a young age. Most of the drama has to do with people not being able to embrace death, which is far from being a teenage topic.

Some Scenes Were Poorly Written

Even though a lot of people love Mike Flanagan's writing, some fans of the shows thought this time around he didn't do such a good job as in his past works. People believe that some scenes were cliché or even lazy, such as the one where Dr. Stanton is talking on the phone "right outside her hospital room with the door open" and Ilonka eavesdropping," according to one Redditor.

While it's true that these types of scenes are unimaginative and even a bit absurd, they're sometimes useful to keep the plot going. However, others feel even cheaper, such as when they solve the mystery of Spence's ghost by explaining that Sandra did it to give him hope.

Too Many Jump Scares

Even though a lot of fans of the show loved the scene that gave Mike Flanagan the record for the most jump scares in a show, some people thought it was boring and anticlimactic, especially Redditor BlackedOutDrunk412, who believes that "it was cringeworthy."

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Although jump scares are perceived as the cheapest way to scare the audience, it's obvious Mike Flanagan was doing it in a metatextual way. This scene is a commentary on movies or TV shows (such as this one) that abuses this technique, and even The Midnight Club complains about it.

Anya Is A Dislikable Character

At the beginning of the show, Anya is a stereotypical bitter teen who tries to hide her real feelings behind a tough persona. However, later on, it's clear that the girl developed this coping mechanism due to a terrible life, and that she's actually the most caring person in the group.

Even though most fans of the show get attached to Anya as the series progresses, some people didn't think Anya is one of the likable characters in The Midnight Club. Redditor throwahawaytheacount believes that "she just straight up monologues/bullies everyone else and no one tells her to knock it off."

The Short Stories Take Too Much Time Off The TV Show

The basic premise of the TV shows is that this group of terminally ill teenagers reunite every night to tell ghost stories. While a lot of people loved this concept, others believe the stories take too much time from the original series. Redditor boblane3000 thinks that "It’s very unfortunate because I do start to get into the story then I have to sit through filler for an entire episode."

While the frustration of having to pause the main story to hear another one is understandable, these stories provide a lot of background for the characters. On top of that, they serve to question the horror story tradition in which The Midnight Club is embedded and to honor and explore Christopher Pike as an author.

It Lacks Realism

While The Midnight Club is a story that deals with the supernatural, some viewers believe it should be more grounded in the realistic aspects of the show. Since the protagonists are a group of dying teenagers, some people believe they don't portray the harsh reality of this disease accurately enough.

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Redditor anaaub believes the show "doesn't understand death, or living with a disability. It needs more dark humor. And it needs more kids that look like they are actually dying." Arguably realism isn't the most important factor in a show that portrays unrealistic, otherworldly horrors. Some may see the fact that the teens aren't hindered by their illness as a positive, but others think it damages any shred of realism the series attempts.

There Shouldn't Be A Second Season

Mike Flanagan's fans are used to his self-contained series that only last for one season. So it was likely a surprise for a lot of the viewers when the show practically ended on a cliffhanger, without solving a lot of the questions established throughout the season, which can be frustrating. For this reason, people believe this is one of the worst season finales by Mike Flanagan.

Redditor Competitive_Sleep_80 comments that the adaptation is longer than the book and says less, and that "If there's anything left to say (which is unlikely) couldn't you just stuff it in S1 where there are plenty of scenes and lines that are just there to kill time?" However, Flanagan added certain elements to Christopher Pike's book, such as Cheri, Natsuki and Amesh characters, so it's possible the director has more to say in a second season. Still, only time can tell.

Ilonka Is A Good Character

Ilonka's character is the trigger to a lot of mysteries that take place throughout the series. Her inquisitive mind and desperation lead her to explore a lot of alternative cures for her cancer, which eventually creates problems for her and everyone in the show. This earned her a lot of detractors in the audience, who have a hard time empathizing with her, and don't think Ilonka and Kevin are one the best couples in Mike Flanagan's TV shows as a result.

However, Redditor glassbath18 defends her, commenting "what was so bad about Ilonka besides her being smart? She doesn’t flaunt it in anyone’s face or treat people different. She’s even super caring of Anya, who’s mean to her for like 3 episodes." Ilonka is a flawed character with good and bad things, which means some people are going to like her, and others won't, which is what makes the show interesting.

Even Though It's For A Young Adult Audience, The Show Is Good

Generally, people agree that The Midnight Club is not one of Mike Flanagan's best shows. Many viewers were disappointed to learn that The Midnight Club was intended for younger audiences, since this means the horror elements of the show pale in comparison with other Flanagan productions, especially Midnight Mass.

However, Redditor Manggo comments that "definitely see how it’s geared more towards a YA audience, but I still really enjoyed it." It makes sense that the show won't be appealing to people looking to be scared or surprised, but the show can still be enjoyed as a drama. Still, marketing it as a horror show could have been a mistake from Netflix.

It's A Violent Show

While there's mostly a homogenous perception that The Midnight Club didn't really have hardcore scenes or portray scary situations, some fans agree to disagree. Redditor xXdont_existxX that "it’s definitely one of Mike’s more violent shows. The self harm and drugs in the double Dana story, and the hammer kill in the third episode was brutal."

Even though the show displays some graphic scenes, overall it doesn't recreate the disturbing atmosphere Mike Flanagan created in his previous works. Still, how much violence a show contains is subjective, and some scenes could be soft for some viewers while triggering for others.

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