Introduced as antagonists in season 2 of the massively successful supernatural teen drama, The Vampire Diaries, brothers Niklaus and Elijah Mikaelson proved pivotal to the show's early success. Displaying powers never before seen on the show, like a vampire compelling another vampire, Klaus and Elijah made an immediate and lasting impact in Mystic Falls. Brothers from the original supernatural family, Klaus and Elijah presented as Yin and Yang, opposite sides of the same spectrum.

Perhaps partly attributed to the difference in their paternal fathers, Elijah's being a vampire and Klaus's being lycanthropic, the brothers would spend as much time in conflict with each other as their enemies. Undoubtedly, throughout three seasons on TVD and the equally successful The Originals spin-off series, the two most identifiable Mikaelson brothers have treated fans to countless memorable moments of unbridled joy, overwhelming sadness, and everything in between. Much like their oath to each other, memes derived from Klaus and Elijah will 'Always and Forever' serve to accentuate and encapsulate the extraordinary impact they had on TVD and their fans.

The Way Elijah Says Klaus' Name

For fans of The Vampire Diaries, the name Klaus undoubtedly conjures up tangible feelings and vivid memories. And even though they were immortal, the Mikaelson siblings would not forsake the nuanced but necessary connection to their humanity using terms of endearment.

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Indeed, of all the variations utilized throughout TVD, the accentuation his elder brother Elijah put on his version of Klaus' name did not go unnoticed by the observant fan base. Although with all the emphasis he put on every syllable of Klaus's moniker, perhaps Elijah had intended to give fans this lasting comedic element, yet another left by these two siblings.

Their Personalities In A Nutshell

A series notable for its dramatic elements, TVD is filled with no shortage of emotional roller coasters for both fans and characters. So naturally, dealing with supernatural elements, such as vampires, werewolves, and hunters, leads to numerous dire circumstances.

The original hybrid Klaus is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve, accurately portraying the super heightened depth of feeling that nosferatu of TVD possess. Conversely, Klaus' older brother Elijah exhibits a calm, calculated detachment grounded in reason and unflappable. In many ways, these two original supernaturals represent the opposing sides of balance, chaos, and order.

Klaus & Elijah's Sibling Rivalry

A long-standing joke among the TVD fan base, Klaus' predisposition towards daggering his siblings for any perceived slight or wrongdoing has undoubtedly proven to be a constant throughout the series. The White Oak Ash dagger incapacitates any Original, leaving them in a comatose state indefinitely until removed.

As seen in season 2 and 3 of TVD, the eloquent and oft-quoted Elijah frequently draws Klaus's ire, receiving multiple daggering sentences. But, throughout TVD, Elijah has proved loyal to a fault regarding his family, specifically Klaus, always finding forgiveness in his heart for his younger brother, despite his frequent stabby outbursts.

Their Sibling Dynamics

Introducing a chaotic, sometimes comedic, familial element to TVD over their tenure, Klaus and Elijah would prove integral to the storyline for the next couple of seasons. However, while they primarily served as antagonists to the Mystic Falls Gang, they would enjoy moments of nonaggression throughout the seasons.

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Comparatively similar in the relationship dynamic to the Salvatore brothers, Damon and Stefan, Klaus and Elijah appreciate the nuances of brotherly interactions. Certainly, Klaus and Elijah have shared affections towards the same woman, notably Tatia and Hayley; thus, they are uniquely able to understand the forces at play regarding the triangle of Damon, Elena, and Stefan. This understanding unites them, leading to awkward moments where Elijah seeks rational understanding while Klaus revels in the known chaos of love, drawing delight from others' discord.

Strained Familial Relations

Throughout TVD, Klaus has engaged in numerous displays of disapproval regarding those closest to him. But, in truth, Klaus seems to purposely go against the wishes of his inner circle for no reason other than it's the opposite of what they wish. It's almost as if Klaus draws innate satisfaction from the rush of disobeying those nearest and dearest in his life.

From Rebekah to Stefan, Klaus makes a game of doing whatever he wishes, whenever he wishes. Yet, in TVD, Klaus demonstrates notable exceptions to his unrelenting hard-headedness. Importantly, Klaus shows that he does give credence to Elijah when he offers suggestions, more so than anyone other than his beloved, but often out of reach, Caroline. Truly, the only characters that could reach him in TVD were the girl that captured his heart and his steadfast brother Elijah.

The Palpable Intensity

Professionally capturing the tragic conflict between the immortal damned, actors Daniel Gillies and Joseph Morgan brought a palpable intensity to the portrayals of Elijah and Klaus. These brothers were seen at odds and as allies in TVD, where their dealings were frequently wracked with powerful emotions.

Few can comprehend the passions entwined within the brothers, harbored over centuries of supernaturally amplified mistrust and animosity from transgressions and slights. Yet, if TVD is any indication, interactions betwixt Klaus and Elijah, even the happiest of occasions, are filled with an intensity unique to their relationship.

Hug Me Brother

Indeed, while their relationship improved throughout TVD and into The Originals, Elijah and Klaus had their fair share of scraps in their 1000+ year existence. Klaus' fear of abandonment and previous history of abuse at the hands of his toxic stepfather Mikael led Klaus to develop a controlling personality that often bordered on obsession.

Unfortunately for his siblings, Klaus's pressing need to control would see him constantly dagger, undermine, and punish his kin for anything that Klaus could construe as betrayal or an attempt to "leave" him. While Finn, Kol, and Rebekah chose subterfuge and deception to combat Klaus's control, fearful of openly defying him, Elijah frequently met Klaus on his terms. If nothing else, this visible defiance earned Klaus's respect, another notable takeaway from the unique relationship between Klaus and Elijah.

Brotherly Tact

Seen by the majority of viewers as two distinct sides of the same coin, Klaus and Elijah have enjoyed a storied rivalry, both on screen and in the hearts of fans. Crafted to represent virtuous and desirable qualities, these two immortal brothers, combined, offer almost anything a TVD fan could want.

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Indeed, as Klaus and Elijah compete in TVD for recognition and to further their respective goals, they also battle for admiration in the TVD fanbase. Additionally, taking a cue from the misunderstood villain Katherine's dialogue in "As I Lay Dying," fans receive the best advice regarding their feelings towards the Original brothers, that appreciating them both is quite alright and the fans need not share the competition that defines their characters.

The Family Structure

Apropos fan creations encapsulate many core elements and traits found in the characters on TVD. For example, regarding the Original brothers, Elijah has shown himself to be articulate, honorable, and bound by his word, seemingly the opposite of his plot armor-brandishing hybrid brother Klaus. Indeed, Elijah has demonstrated himself to be a Mikaelson that places high value on family, honor, and truthfulness, even among thieves.

In many ways, Elijah is a character that fans want to believe will show fairness and reciprocity in his actions, while fans know Klaus's self-serving nature usually prevents the same in him. However, in TVD, as fans artistically point out, Elijah epically fails to deliver the swift retribution he so vehemently swore against any for harming his family.

The Difference Between Finales

In season 2, Klaus' revelation that he hadn't dismembered and scattered their siblings across the seas shows a softening in Elijah's thirst for vengeance. Also arising from their subsequent alliance against their vindictive mother, Ester, Klaus and Elijah begin mending their once unbreakable bond.

After centuries spent at odds, attributed to Klaus's ambitions and tendency to dagger first and ask questions second, Elijah begins to make genuine headway in Klaus's redemption. Contrary to the TVD finale "I Was Feeling Epic," the heartwarming "When The Saints Go Marching In" witnessed these two iconic Originals from TVD receive a conclusion befitting of the indelible impact they had on millions of fans worldwide.

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