The premiere of Yellowstone featured a shocking death to begin the show's fifth season. In the aftermath, both the characters and the audience are left wondering if it was all avoidable. Certainly, there have been some notable TV deaths that didn't need to happen.

Fans on Reddit have highlighted some of these moments that range from the poor decision-making of a character like Oberyn Martell to a character like Mike Ehrmantraut tragically being killed for nothing. Whether they are impactful or frustrating, fans feel these TV deaths could have been avoided.

Robin - The Boys (2019-)

Though The Boys features endless gruesome deaths, Robin's bloody end in the first episode is impossible to forget. As she and Hughie have a romantic conversation, Robin steps off the sidewalk and is exploded when speedster A-Train runs into her.

One Redditor acknowledges A-Train is the one to blame in this scenario but also suggests that Robin "finish your conversations on the sidewalk." While she could never have predicted what happened next, fans think it is always prudent to exercise caution, especially in a world of reckless superheroes.

Mike - Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

Gradually over time, Mike Ehrmantraut became one of the best characters on Breaking Bad and one of the few who could stand up to Walt. But after Mike refuses to give up the names of Fring's men in prison, Walt shoots Mike a rage.

Redditor discostud1515 points out that Walt himself realizes how unnecessary it was to kill Mike as "he could have just got the names from Lydia." As frustrating as it is for Walt's ego to lead to Mike's death, it is also fitting as Mike was the only one keeping that ego in check.

Theon Greyjoy - Game Of Thrones (2011-2019)

Though not every character on Game of Thrones deserved redemption, fans were ready to forgive Theon Greyjoy by the final season. Sure enough, he gets to go out heroically, charging at the Night King in order to protect Bran Stark only to be quickly and easily killed.

Redditor Viiibrations points out that Bran had clearly seen how the battle would end and knew Arya was moments away from killing the Night King "but still let him sacrifice himself for essentially no reason." Theon's redemption may have been earned, but the fact that the battle ends just after he dies cheapens it for some viewers.

Brian - Family Guy (1999-)

After several seasons of harmless fun, Family Guy took a surprisingly dark turn when it killed off the Griffins' beloved pet Brian. The death comes quite suddenly as Brian is hit by a car while playing in the street with Stewie.

It is less the circumstances of the death that fans feel could have been avoided and more the storyline itself. Redditor MisterCallegari insists "we all knew he'd be back." Even if the family got a new dog and several episodes go by, once Stewie goes back in time to save Brian, fans felt it was all unnecessary.

Wonder Girl - Titans (2018-)

Wonder Girl on Titans is another television death that didn't last long, but the nature of her demise lessened her subsequent resurrection for some. With an electrical tower falling near a crowd of people, Wonder Girl catches it and is electrocuted in the process.

Redditor Jose__Manuel finds that the obvious solution is for everyone to "move out of the way of the falling electric tower." Indeed, it didn't look like much of a threat with people having plenty of time to run to safety but they instead scramble around right in its path.

Bob - Stranger Things (2016-)

Though some supporting Stranger Things characters are completely forgotten by fans, Bob's popularity remains even though he died in season 2. Bob becomes a hero helping the others escape Hawkins Lab when it is overrun by Demo-dogs, but just as he looks to have made it to safety, he is attacked and brutally killed.

Despite proving himself a hero, Redditor tramb0poline complains that Bob was "too smart to stop and celebrate prematurely like that." With such a beloved character, for him to make a silly mistake that costs him his life ends his story on a bit of a disappointing note for fans.

Rickon Stark - Game Of Thrones (2011-2019)

The Battle of the Bastards on Game of Thrones is an epic battle that kicks off with a frustrating death. Ramsay Bolton allows his captive Rickon Stark to run to Jon Snow only for Bolton to begin firing arrows at him. Predictably, just as Jon reaches him, Rickon is hit and killed.

Everyone watching the scene had the same thought as Redditor capilot as "all he had to do was zig-zag a little." By running in a straight line and making himself as easy of a target as possible, Rickon pretty much ensured his death.

Beth - The Walking Dead (2010-2022)

The characters on The Walking Dead have been known to be killed off quite suddenly and it is no different for Beth. After being kept as a prisoner at a hospital, Rick and the others make a deal for Beth's release. But as she leaves, the head captor makes an arrogant comment leading to Beth stabbing her and Beth being shot in response.

Redditor Kuri115 calls the death "unnecessary and accomplished nothing for the main cast." It speaks to a common complaint fans have about the way the show deals with death. Sometimes it can feel like less of a story choice and more of an attempt to shock the audience.

Oberyn Martell - Game Of Thrones (2011-2019)

Introduced in season 4 of Game of Thrones, Oberyn Martell quickly stole the show only to suffer one of the most shocking deaths on television. Oberyn volunteers to fight in Tyrion's trial by combat as a way of getting revenge on The Mountain. But after getting too cocky with his apparent victory, the tables turn and Oberyn's skull is smashed.

Despite his obvious skill as a fighter, Redditor MastaFnog insists that they felt his imminent demise in the pit of my stomach" with Oberyn's confidence. As Game of Thrones loves killing beloved characters, Oberyn should have gone in with a little more caution considering his popularity among fans.

Charlie - Lost (2004-2010)

The death of Lost fan-favorite Charlie is one of the most memorable moments on the show. It comes with a shocking twist that the apparent rescue boat offshore is not what it seems. But with the underground facility flooding, Charlie locks himself in the radio room to save Desmond using his last moments to warn him about the boat.

However, Redditor callassizzle acknowledges that Charlie could "take a few steps forward and PULL the door closed behind him" rather than sacrifice himself. Having a solution seem so obvious to fans undercuts the powerful moment.

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