WARNING: Spoilers for Westworld Season 2.


The Westworld Season 2 finale has completed the show's robot rebellion, and only a few characters survived to tell the tale. This season was all about finding the mysterious Door. With several dramatic scenes inside and outside the Valley Beyond, Westworld finally revealed the purpose of this season's mysterious destination.

Episode 10, "The Passenger" culminated in all the major characters reaching this point and learning the true nature behind The Door. Bernard and Dolores jacked into The Forge (the simulated world where all the human data was stored) and learned how Delos was trying to achieve immortality. Led by a digital upload of Logan, Bernard and Dolores discovered that Delos created thousands of simulations of every guest in the park in an attempt to recreate their minds. Not only did the simulations in The Forge figure out what it meant to be human, it also created a new digital world where the hosts could live free from any human interference.

But while the line between living and dying has blurred, there's still a lot of actual death in the Westworld Season 2 finale that leaves some characters seemingly written out for good - and others poised for a very different return.

Who Survived Westworld Season 2

The Westworld finale's big reveal was that the Charlotte Hale of the two-weeks' later timeline was, in fact, a host body with Dolores' mind uploaded after Bernard killed the original version in the Forge. This version of Dolores kills pretty much everybody on the rescue team - including Bernard - but after escaping to the mainland rebuilds both another version of Dolores and Bernard. Aside from the other host brains that Dolores snuck off the island, these would appear to be the only currently living hosts.

Humans don't fare much better. Stubbs (who believes himself to be a host) made it through the horrors, as did the Man in Black (although it's revealed in the finale's end-credits scene that in the far future a human-host hybrid version of his also exists). Felix and Sylvester also survive, and set about collecting up some hosts they want to save.

Who Could Be Brought Back In Westworld Season 3?

In the finale, the majority of the hosts die in one form or another. Many go through The Door into the new Eden created by Ford, including most of the Ghost Nation, Maeve's "daughter" and Teddy, which is sent to Arnold's house by Dolores. However, a lot of familiar faces - Maeve, Hector, Armistice, Clementine - die before they get there, although by the nature of the show almost all of these can be reversed, with it suggested Felix and Sylvester plan to do just that to Maeve.

Robert Ford's artificial copy is also confirmed to be gone after Bernard removed his code previously, but it's possible Westworld will find another get-around - possibly as Bernard's now-conscious voice.

Who Died In The Westworld Season 2 Finale?

In terms of more permanent deaths, Lee Sizemore, the original Charlotte, Elsie Hughes, and Karl Strand are all killed in rather definitive fashion as the uprising comes to a close. Host copies are possible - it's alluded to that Delos has information on the staff as well as the guests - but these do have a sense of finality to them.


Life and death are several of the themes that carried through both seasons of Westworld, so something so bloody and violent is only inevitable.. With the introduction of the hosts' pearls and simulated worlds, any character could potentially return in Westworld Season 3.

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