Steve Trevor is officially back in Wonder Woman 1984, but how does that line up with what we learned about modern-day Diana Prince in Justice League? Director Patty Jenkins has confirmed that the sequel to 2017's Wonder Woman will be set in the 1980s and that Chris Pine is returning as Steve Trevor. The chemistry Pine shared with Gal Gadot's titular Amazon was the cornerstone of Wonder Woman, and while it will be great to see them together again, there remains a tiny, inconvenient detail: Steve Trevor died in 1918 saving the world from Doctor Poison's chemical weapons.

It's unclear if Chris Pine is indeed portraying the same Trevor who fell for Diana Prince (and vice versa) in World War I. He could be playing a descendant of Steve with the same name (and identical looks). This already happened in the 1970s Lynda Carter TV series: her Wonder Woman was the ally of Steve Trevor in World War II and then became partner of his son, Steve Trevor, Jr., in the 1970s (both were portrayed by Lyle Waggoner). Of course, Pine's Trevor could instead be resurrected by magical means, or he could even be a clone.

Regardless of how Steve Trevor makes it to 1984, he has proven to be both Diana's soft and sore spot. In Justice League, after the proto-team was defeated in their first encounter with Steppenwolf, Batman insisted the only way to save the Earth was to resurrect Superman, something Wonder Woman greatly objected to. When Diana tried to tell Bruce that it was his guilt over Superman's death, saying, "At some point, even you have to learn to move on," Wayne coldly retorted, "Steve Trevor tell you that?"

The moment (which is accepted as being one of Joss Whedon's reshoots) establishes that Bruce Wayne is at least aware of Steve Trevor and his relationship to Diana Prince, and in light of Pine being back in Wonder Woman 1984 raises some interesting questions about Diana Prince's past.

It's unlike Diana to react with such sudden violence - she shoved Bruce into a pile of crates for his Steve Trevor comment - which indicates Batman really struck a nerve. Obviously, the loss of Steve Trevor had a major impact on her, but since Wonder Woman met him again in 1984, there may be something more to this. Did she tragically lose him a second time, further eroding her faith in humanity? Did he prove to be a disappointment somehow - or even a villain? And if it was instead a relative of Trevor's, how did she handle the doppelganger? It's unclear at this point, but her reaction suggests that Wonder Woman 1984 won't end things happily ever after.

Whatever happened, Wonder Woman's relationship with Steve Trevor is something Batman evidently has info on - the question is if he knew at the time he was referencing a whole other event. Fans, though, will have to wait until November 2019 to learn just how Steve Trevor returned and what happens to him next in Wonder Woman 1984.

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