Twentieth Century Fox did not pull X-Men: Dark Phoenix from the studio's site, or the X-Men Movie Universe release schedule. Fox's X-Men movie universe has been somewhat in a state of flux in recent months. Originally, three X-Men movies were set to release in 2018 - New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix. However, the release dates for Dark Phoenix and New Mutants were pushed to 2019, with reports indicating each would undergo reshoots. To make matters more complicated, the deal in which Disney will acquire Fox's movie and TV assets is continuing forward, causing fans to speculate about the future of the X-Men cinematic universe as we know it now.

In terms of what's going on with New Mutants and Dark Phoenix, there may be more confidence in the former because Fox has at least released a trailer. The New Mutants trailer debuted in October 2017, but that was when the movie was expected to hit theaters in April of this year; now it won't release until August 2019, after Dark Phoenix in February 2019. However, all we've seen from Dark Phoenix are a handful of images and an EW magazine cover. No other materials - poster, teaser, trailer or otherwise - have been officially revealed, causing fans to wonder and speculate about what's going on with the movie.

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The latest discussion surrounding X-Men: Dark Phoenix was inspired by fans noticing it isn't listed on Fox's official movies site. Some thought it had been on the site at one point, but had been taken down, a move that might indicate it was removed from the studio's release schedule. However, Dark Phoenix - like some other future Fox movies - was never on the studio site, so it not being listed has no bearing on the X-Men movie universe release schedule. X-Men: Dark Phoenix is still scheduled to hit theaters in February 2019, as of this writing.

Further, though Fox hasn't released anything official for Dark Phoenix in a while, there have been non-official glimpses at the movie. Recently showcased Dark Phoenix figures offer a new look at the X-Men costumes, and a Dark Phoenix teaser poster surfaced during the Las Vegas Licensing Expo in May. Plus, Fox screened the first Dark Phoenix trailer at CineEurope last month, which earned positive reactions from those in attendance. It's unclear when the Dark Phoenix trailer will be released, especially since the upcoming X-Men movie is expected to undergo reshoots later this year, but fans might get some news soon.

Fox will have a presence at San Diego Comic-Con later this month, as it has been reported the studio will showcase The Predator during a panel at the convention. Although it hasn't been confirmed whether or not Fox will bring Dark Phoenix, the fan event is the perfect place to kick off promotion for the X-Men film. Even if Fox doesn't release the Dark Phoenix trailer at SDCC, the studio could bring out the cast for a discussion of the movie and/or perhaps unveil a poster.

So, although fans haven't gotten many official updates on the X-Men installment in a while and Dark Phoenix is scheduled to undergo reshoots, Fox is still very much moving forward with the movie and hasn't pulled it from their release slate. Now, with eight months until its release date, we'll likely start seeing more from X-Men: Dark Phoenix - especially with SDCC just a few short weeks away.

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